Saturday, April 16, 2022

Small Niceties

Saturday blogging in the A-Z Challenge means a list. Still 'a few of my favorite things', but in list form using the letter of the day. And I always start off by saying, 'in no particular order' but that first thing on the list is definitely the first thing on my list -ha!  

 Day 14-N is for Small Niceties

nice neighbors
being a Nana
baby boys nestled into my lap
good news
Nestle's Toll house cookies right out of the oven
love notes
eggs in a bluebird nest
The National Anthem sung by the crowd
NJ bagels
the beauty found in nature
The Nutcracker ballet
nieces and nephews
a well written novel
our national parks 
moonlit nights
navel oranges
new shoes 


  1. Another great list of favorites!!

  2. What a great uplifting list for this yucky rainy dreary day we're having here in NE Louisiana.

  3. Granddaughter #2 and her mommy and daddy are with us this weekend. We had strong thunderstorms come through in the wee hours so we were all a tad sleep deprived. We ALL took a nap this afternoon! Naps are indeed a nicety!

  4. A good list, indeed! Happy Easter! xo