Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Time Well Wasted

Still A to Z-ing... and for some reason I have three different sized fonts in this post that do not want to be made right. I'm going to live with it. 

Day 16-P is for Porch Sittin' 

Time spent on the porch is never wasted. Isn't that how the saying goes? Porch sitting is high on my list of favorite things and it never gets old. We have a covered deck, a screened in porch, and a lower level mostly covered patio and I love them all. These are the places and spaces I nap, pray, read, have heart to heart chats, watch college football, dine, stargaze, listen to music, and relax. 

You cannot be stressed out on a porch. It's the law. 

Also, hubs and I are not the only ones who love a little porch sittin'. 

I'd post some current pictures but all of our furniture is still under wraps due to another P word this part of the country is famous for-pollen. Pollen makes my list of least favorite things and in the Upstate 'tis a season all its own. 

To make post-pollen cleanup easier we bring cushions inside, roll up the outdoor rugs, and cover the furniture, typically end of March through mid-late April. Then hubs gets out there and scrubs the decking and washes the porch screens and we pull everything back out and enjoy. We're preparing to re-stage this weekend and we're both so ready. 

While I love all the porches here, the covered deck is my favorite 'room' in the whole house and where I spend the most time. We have a fire table on our covered deck and most mornings I take my coffee and sit out there. We spend most evenings out there too because it's peaceful. 

Hubs loves to hang out on the lower level patio since that's home to our Big Green Egg. The view from that particular vantage point is not too shabby either. 

We have a TV and a fireplace on our screened porch which is just off the kitchen. Come fall you'll find us there most weekends watching college football. We have a dining table on the screened porch too, and eat breakfast-lunch-dinner out there when the weather is nice.

If there's a crowd we move to the lower patio and the bigger table. 

We've got options and they're all good. When people ask for tips on building a lake house we always say pay as much attention to the outdoor spaces as you do the indoor. We pretty much live out of doors here. 

Except during pollen season. 
Which isn't all that long and also isn't snow.

Even this guy will tell you it doesn't matter which porch you choose-

There is no wrong answer. 


  1. Oh my with that pollen! Your entire setting screams that it is the perfect place to relax. The porch is definitely inviting. I love all the photos you shared. You can't beat the view! Enjoy each moment.

  2. I love porch sittin' but I need to pollen to go away first.

  3. I have many good porch memories while growing up. I miss a front porch. Your lake view is beautiful and having three porches to enjoy it is brilliant!! xo

  4. Oh, that is my dream! People say you shouldn't retire to just sit in a rocking chair on your porch all day but that's exactly what I want to do! Your porches are just perfect and that view is stunning!

  5. We WISH we had thought to make our deck covered; we do have the large patio underneath that is mostly shaded by the deck but I'm pretty much the only that uses the deck at all and usually only in the morning or the evening. We have been talking about adding a roof but haven't figured out how to do that to mirror the shape just yet. I do love sitting out there though on either level whenever it's warm enough!