Saturday, April 9, 2022

If You're Happy And You Know It Make A List

For the past two or three years I've dubbed Saturday 'list day' in the A-Z Blog Challenge. Blogging six days a week is a lot for me so I give myself a small break come Saturday. 

On Saturdays I use the letter of the day to make a list of little things I love. Think counting your blessings, but only those that fit the letter of the day-ha! This year a gratitude list actually ties in nicely with my theme ('these are a few of my favorite things'), and in no particular order here's today's list-

 Day 8-H is for Little Bits Of Happy 

hopeful people 
an empty clothes hamper
hearing little boys say 'Nana' 
a hug around the neck from those same little boys
a great hotel
a helping hand
the view from somewhere high
friends with bees who give me honey
a good hair day
Hunley (the dog, not the submarine)
a beautifully set holiday table
trips to historical sites
the scent of honeysuckle on the breeze 
a perfectly grilled hamburger 
a waterfall hike
coming home 


  1. What a nice list! I am looking around for any others you might have that I've missed...seems as if there should be at least one more. 😊

  2. Oops...wrong blog., Yes, I have been reading here right along and you have been most faithful to write daily.

  3. Great list! I also enjoy most of the things on your "h" list. Fun fact... my husband was stationed on the USS Hunley when he was in the Navy and we have named the travel gnome, who goes with us on trips big and small, Hunley! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. What an excellent idea for your Saturday post, and what a lovely extensive list of things that make you happy. To play along with you, I'd add the color helitrope to my list.

  5. Great list Joyce and a good way of giving yourself a break at the weekend. I was planning to be more organised with getting my A-Z posts done in advance. I only managed a few so now I'm back to winging it lol

  6. I love that your list even centers around the letter H!

  7. This is a great list and a great idea for a breather!