Friday, February 25, 2011

Five things on Friday

It's Friday and I was out on the town last night which means I'm too tired to get creative and am going with a list of all the swirly thoughts that are in my head this morning.

Well, not all of them.

You're welcome.

1. I was out on the town last night.
Did I already say that?
By 'out on the town' I mean I was back in NYC.
I was in a restaurant though, not a nightclub,
but that's pretty much what 'out on the town' means if we're talking about me.

Hubs had a dinner with some work colleagues and originally it was going to be just the work people but then spouses and significant others were added to the mix so I was included.

We met at his office and trekked back into the city for a fabulous meal at a wonderful Indian restaurant called Tamarind.
We used to eat Indian food at least once a week when we lived in the UK.
Sadly there is no Indian food in our little NJ town.

Do you like Indian food?
When I ask people that question they usually have a yes or no response.
There's not a lot of middle ground on this one.

I love it and so do my girls and the hubs.
I like spicy but not nuclear.
Daughter1 is the same.
Daughter2 prefers hers more on the mild side.
Then there is hubs-
it's hard to make something too hot for my hubs.
He orders spicy with a side of chopped green chilies.
Owners of Indian restaurants seem to admire and appreciate this.

2. I see why NYC commuters are 'cranky'.

The traffic.
Holy moly!

We were chugging right along but as we approached the Lincoln Tunnel things began to slow.

And bottleneck.

And annoy.

About a mile from the tunnel our GPS informed us we would arrive at our destination at 6:08.
It was currently 5:56.
I thought, 'Wow-we're going to be so early.'


The Lincoln Tunnel is a mile and a half long.
At 6:48 we were still not thru the tunnel.

We were finally parked and walking into the restaurant about fifteen minutes prior to our 7:30 reservation.
I cannot imagine making the commute in and out of the city
Yet...several million people do...
and we should not wonder that it sometimes makes them 'cranky'.

3. It's raining here today.
Rain isn't snow.
But rain has to go somewhere and we are praying the gutters are defrosted enough to accommodate all the rain in the forecast.
There will also be winds.
High gale force winds.
What is a gale force anyway?

4. I'm going out to lunch today.
It's been World Cultures Week here as far as meals are concerned.
Have I talked about anything besides eating out on my blog this week?
I think not.

5. The lovely but not so sweet smelling pup will be having a bath while I'm out.
The back yard is covered in snow but she's found something to get into that is most definitely not snow.

And on that pleasant note I will end this post.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I never had Indian food. We are not adventorous eaters at all. Burger, steaks, chicken! I am kinda enjoying the rain today.

  2. One of my best friends loves Indian food, but I can't seem to acquire a taste for it.

    It is pouring rain here with LOTS of heavy winds. Hope you guys are staying in and safe.


  3. I'm not a fan of Indian food, but I do love SPICY things! Wonder how the traffic in NYC compares to the traffic here in Atlanta? I avoid going downtown at all costs!

  4. It seems like you've had a great week too, so I hope it continues into your weekend.

    As for Indian Food, I'm just not brave enough to try it:)

  5. I've never had real Indian food or sushi. Like Kimberly, we're more of a meat and potatoes kind of family.

    Hope the rain finds somewhere to go! We'd be in trouble here if all the snow suddenly melted.

  6. Yeah, how DO dogs find those really unpleasant "places" in the yard? It´s like a magnet to them.
    Not a fan of Indian food here.

  7. I don't recall ever tasting Indian food. I'll have to take your word for it that it's good. ha

  8. Love Indian food! Detest traffic! It's snowing here! Love Sushi and my dogs are wet and smelly too!

  9. 1.Don't you love it when we spouses and/or significant others are deemed worthy of joining? Ha.
    2.I totally get the "met at the office and trekked back to the city" .
    3.I used to not like Indian but then one of the Hubby's associates who is Indian had his mom, while in town from India, prepare a traditional meal that was to die for. Yum.
    4.I remember in NY dinner often starts at 8:00 or later, must be because of the traffic, eh?
    5.Sushi is NOT on my Like list.
    6.I also get the not so sweet smelling puppy thing. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I agree with you, Joyce, I miss Indian food. It is much harder to find here than in the UK.

    But I prefer to go into New York City by train. So much easier than driving!

    Thank you for your poetic post!

  11. I love Indian food, but on the less spicy side. I love sushi also. It sounds like you've had a good week that will end will with a nice clean dog.

  12. goodness! I am glad we don't have traffic in these here parts :)

  13. Indian food, sushi...I feel so deprived living down here in the south! LOL No, seriously, we do have sushi in the city, but I'm not a fish eater, especially raw fish.

    Gotta' love those smelly pups--NOT!

  14. I don't guess I've ever had Indian food, but I think I would like it.

    Enjoyed your list so much! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I've never had Indian food. I do like spicy food (not crazy spicy), so I think I'd like it ... DH not so much. ha!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  16. You are having the culinary week of my dreams. Indian, Italian, sushi . . . throw in some cheesecake and that's about all I could ask for.

  17. I've never had Indian food. There is a restaurant near the university called "Taj", but it looks like an "Indian fast food" place...could that be correct?
    I think if I had to work in the city, I would definitely be taking the train in.