Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sorry Charlie...

So how are you celebrating the birthdays of two American presidents?
We celebrated by painting our guest room this weekend.
You need to remember that on this blog when I use the pronoun 'we' in reference to home maintenance chores 99% of the time I'm referring to hubs.

I cheered him on though.
And stayed out of the way.


My preferred method of staying out of the way is to leave town when he paints.
Truthfully I think this is his preferred method too because I just can't help but check up on him and offer food and drinks and cleanup assistance.
I also like to chatter and he likes to focus and it's possible he finds my chatter distracting.
Not in a good way either.

Hubs is an excellent painter.
He doesn't enjoy the job but he's super particular and also super neat.
The same cannot be said of some of the professional painters we've used in the past and fyi-hubs is not a professional painter, he just plays one at home.
'We' painted the guest room a Benjamin Moore color called Ladyfinger.
We already have this color in our hallways and sun room and I really like it...
subtle, warm and very livable.

I had been looking for a 'Poppy painting' ever since we moved into this house and I finally found one while visiting my mom a while back.

It's a little hard to tell from this stellar photo but the colors do match the bedding we have in this room.
When I see poppies I think of our back garden in the UK and the amazing poppies that bloomed there every year.

Makes me happy...

Makes her happy too.

We still need to sort out the night stands and lighting and hang a mirror and blah blah a room ever completely finished?

In other exciting Presidential Birthday Weekend celebrating, I continued my attempts at preparing healthy lower fat meals.
Raise your hand if you're tired of eating the same old thing?
If you're not eating beef or pasta and your hubs doesn't like the smell of fish cooked indoors then you're pretty much eating a whole lotta chicken and a whole lotta salads.
Chicken is okay and I love salads but even I'm getting a little bit tired of them.
We both like seafood and I can't wait until the snow melts enough for us to get back to grilling. We use the grill when its cold but we draw the line at buried under snow.

Guess what?
It's snowing.

I'm in complete denial though so we won't talk about that.
Except to say we had just begun to melt a teensy tiny bit and only two days ago I commented to hubs that this was the first weekend we could actually see some grass on the golf course and some wood on the deck.

Oh bother.

While I'm on the exciting topic of seafood (yes, I was) has anyone else noticed how much the contents of a can of tuna have shrunk?
A few years ago I'm pretty sure you could make more than two sandwiches from one can and now there is barely enough for one.
The cans look the same but the contents are definitely less than they used to be.


This is what happens when you're cooped up in the house too much during a too long too snowy winter.
You notice stuff like how much tuna is not packed into a can.
And then you share that observation with the world wide web.
Who gets my post title?

Actually our weekend was not dull...only the recap is.
It feels good to have another room painted and I love the way fresh paint makes a room look like new...only three more rooms to go!
Hubs will be super excited to read that.

It's February.
It's frigid and windy and's s-n-o-w-i-n-g.
It's pretty...

But it's not spring.

If George were here today he wouldn't be chopping down a cherry tree because he'd have to hike thru feet of snow to get to it and then he'd have to figure out which tree was the cherry because they all look remarkably alike dressed in white.

I cannot tell a lie.
I am ready for spring.


  1. Funny I was thinking the same was NICE to see the grass! Once the snow melted I was able to see some lawn decorations I had outside that I had forgotten about!! There is alot more snow out there than I was expecting. Enjoy.....I guess! its light snow no that's good!

  2. We were all so excited to see the grass this weekend even if it was just revealing the mush the ground had become. It didn't matter because we could see grass. Alas, we can no longer see the grass......

    I know you don't mean Charlie Sheen..... I haven't seen those Poor Charlie commercials in years.

  3. I love your poppies...I am also a fan of poppies. I have three 8' by 2' fabric poppy wallhangings over my stairwell (you sorta have to be there).
    Our snow is mostly melted, but there is surely more to come.

  4. I hope Spring comes your way sooner than later! It's been beautiful here in south Texas - you'll be firing up that grill in no time :)

  5. Oh Joyce, not more snow...So sorry to hear that! We had a beautiful week here, temps actually reached 80 degrees on Saturday, but it's cloudy today. I guess rain is on the way. You get snow, we get rain. We actually did grill--twice over the weekend! Our grill isn't buried. LOL

    I'm envious of the new paint! I, too, love the way it makes everything look so new and clean. I need to do some spring painting of doors and trim...Yuk! I'll get around to it...eventually!

    Yes, I have noticed that contents of tuna cans have gotten less! I used to get 4 sandwiches out of one can, back in the day--now I get barely over two!

  6. Your flower pictures are gorgeous - real and on the wall! Makes me wish for spring even more.

  7. Joyce, you brightened my day! Great writing - so funny! Love your sense of humor. Paint color is very soothing. Sorry to hear you're getting more snow. DC has had it easy this year. We grilled salmon on Friday night. Here's hoping you get to your grill soon! Have a great week.

  8. LOVE the poppies...
    haven't a clue what i'm fixing for dinner
    but seafood may be it...i have some filets and shrimp in the freezer...maybe some jambalaya ;)

  9. What a lovely paint color for the bedroom. It must feel good to have things begin to take shape. Ahhh...seafood sounds wonderful.

  10. I've seen two posts from you in my reader, but nothing is publishing. Are you having a problem? Just wanted you to know.

  11. I heard this morning that it was snowing in the north and thought about you. As much as I complained about the snow (well, actually I was complaining that we didn't have school), I can't imagine what you have been going through!

    When I think of poppies, I think of the Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch was putting a spell on the poppies. I can hear her now, "Poppies, Poppppiiiieeeesss!"

  12. Oh, my goodness, I can't believe you are getting more snow. Bless your heart!

    A painted room is the BEST! My Hubbby is a great painter too, but he sure does hate to do it. He doesn't really mind the painting, it's the preparation.

    Looking forward to Hodgepodge tomorrow.

  13. Well those poppies sure give a spring time feel to your bedroom. That's got to help at least a little!

  14. About the tuna, yes I have. Yesterday at the grocery store Hubby and I were checking the weights on everything. Seems everything has been down sized but the price!

  15. Me too...but I must say your snow pictures are beautiful. But I'd much rather see the poppies! Love the painting and the wall color. We need to repaint too.

  16. As you can see, I am back tracking a bit on my favorite blogs! I love your guest room, it looks warm and inviting. I have seen the deck but that is only because we have to shovel it! It's due to snow again tomorrow! And like you I am longing for Spring!!!!