Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Words With Kids

I am in serious need of a change of topic (and scenery) but when you can't leave the house for days on end there is only so much material at the ready for the ole blog.
I don't suppose you want to hear about how I was supposed to go to my regular doctor yesterday but he cancelled due to the crazy ice here and that today I have an appt. at the eye doctor and he hasn't cancelled so I'm feeling hopeful.

That is fascinating stuff isn't it??

Since not a lot is happening in the present lets take a short stroll down memory lane.
I read something on Missy's blog recently that got me thinking.
If you don't know Missy go say hi because she's funny and she lives where it is all kinds of Canadian cold so I'm sure she'd enjoy blog visitors.
She recently wrote something about kids mixing up words which got me thinking about some of the crazy word mix ups that occurred when my girlies were tiny tots and how many of those expressions have stuck.
Stuck so hard in fact, that they will forevermore be a part of our everyday family talk.
I thought I'd put my top 5 favorites here so they will be saved for time immemorial.
And also because there isn't a lot to blog about mid winter.

If you have little ones you need to write down all the things they say that you want to remember because while you think you'll remember them, one day you will be 50 and your memory will not cooperate like it did when you were 30.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites....

Daughter1 apparently developed a love of cucumbers at a time in my life when I was into clipping coupons because as soon as she could ask for a piece of cucumber she pronounced it couponder.
Even my father in law still uses that word.
We are persuasive in our speech here.

Tomatoes in our house also go by their toddler name which is 'mimis'.
I cannot say exactly how this one came to be but when Daughter 1 was just a year old we moved to NJ for the first time and we had a little tomato was loaded with cherry tomatoes and ripe or not she loved to get out there and harvest those tomatoes.
We referred to her as the tomato rancher back then and she preferred farming first thing in the morning while still in her pjs.

Gosh she was cute.

This is my mom checking out the harvest.
As I scanned this photo I realized that when this was taken my mom was only a few years older than I am now.
Is that right?
That doesn't seem right.

It's right.

It's also a little bit freaky.

Another thing I realized as I was scanning photos was that we had mega snowstorms the last time we lived in this state too.

Snow days were more fun with little ones in the house.

Just sayin'

Moving on...tan sun lotion-we all still use this one.
It is what it sounds like-sun tan lotion.

I cannot tell you how completely precious it is to hear those words uttered by a little girl child.

Or a 20-something 'child'.

The same goes for pol nailish (nail polish)...this one is also what it sounds like and we still use both of those expressions to this day.

Lastly, the stadium-this is our word for a condo and is one of my favorites.
One year we spent a week in a condo in Florida and daughter2 asked every day as we were leaving the beach if it was time to go back to 'the stadium'.

To my knowledge she had never been in a stadium and I have no idea where she got that word at age 2 but but she was a smart cookie from the get go so there's no telling.

How about in your house?
Are there words or expressions you use regularly that you've adopted as a result of something your children said?

When you hear those words in everyday family speak do you flashback to life with blue eyed blonde headed chatterboxes who made you laugh and filled your heart to overflowing?

Or is that just me?


  1. your sentimental staying in the house so much! Love the pictures of your girls! I miss those days. Yesterday Lindsey and I saw her preschool teacher outside shoveling - Lindsey idolized her. We stopped for a minute and chatted. Now this teacher always wore her hair twisted up in a banana clip. When Lindsey was little she would say can I have a Mrs. Turco? LOL and that meant she wanted to wear her hair that way for the day. I said to Lindsey do you remember that? she did. Now Lindsey has her driving permit and is 16. Time goes by too fast.

  2. What a great have got me thinking of all of those words too. We have lawning the mow from my son. Pupcakes (cupcakes). Our coupon word was poo-con. And grapes were yips. We still use all of those words today.

    Hey I might just have to do a post of my own, except I have no excuses it is sunny and 60 where I am...sorry.

  3. I wish I had written down all Katelyn's little saying because you do forget! She use to call Frosted Mini wheats -Car cereal...because there was a picture of a car on the box we still call it car cereal....some 12 years later! lol!

  4. Love those! My darling Princess just can't "keside" about whether she wants "kerssert"

  5. I'm too old and am losing brain cells too quickly to be able to call to my mind any mispronounced words uttered by DD. But I do remember a few from the Ts. Getdonalds = McDonalds. Merote = remote. Caputer = computer. Ambliance = ambulance. Yourselfess = yourselves. Grow up = throw up. T#1 is getting old enough now that he's not always amused by our deliberate use of his mispronuncians; we try to explain that we say these because it's our way of remembering some of the cute things we did when he was little. He understands, but he doesn't "get it". Thankfully the other Ts are still young enough to not take any offense. A little piece of my heart is broken when each T grows up enough to pronounce the words correctly.

  6. Our son like "Comedian Bacon" pizza. :) Our daughter liked "mashed totaoes" We still use those expressions and the kids are 24 and 21

  7. The one that comes to mind is when the kids experienced their 1st First Class plane ride. I think Miss K. was 7 or 8 and called it First Place. To this day she'll ask if we're flying First Place. Ha. And usually the answer is NO. :)

  8. I love hearing about what your sweet girls said/did when they were little! OS used to call a "VCR" B-thee-r...yes, he had a bit of a lisp when he was little...they all did!
    And, somehow, I think your hubs probably enjoyed the snow at least as much (if not more) than your girls did!

  9. Oh, I love the pictures!! They are cute!!! My kids like Big-Eddie and Meatballs...and they sing Dingle Bells at Christmas time! Smiles!!

  10. Loved reading about the words and phrases from your girlies childhoods. So cute! And the pictures, too!
    The last comment by Bobbie and the Big-Eddie and Meatballs! Hilarious!! :-)

  11. Those are so cute and the pictures are precious. I can't think of any that my children said or that we still use.

  12. For years we called Hershey kisses "chocolate triangles" because that's what my boy called them. We eventually quit. M&Ms were "chocolate buttons" for awhile, too.

    Your girl and their sayings are so adorable!

  13. With 5 kids you'd think I would have loads of words. Nope! Too busy to write it down and can't remember them too well. Austin used to call grapes, "gups", and a few others are, "chalocate" for chocolate; peez for please; seebup for syrup; glubs for gloves... I know there were so many more.

    Your girls are so precious and I love all of the fun words in the comments.

  14. Gosh we were cute! You forgot "robbies" and "stephies". hehe

  15. I loved this post! My parents call chocolate milk "caco-noche," because I used to call it that. We all call our youngest Cokey because my third calls him that. Which is bad and we need to stop. :)

  16. This post has put my mind in gear (if that's possible) to recall things our children said. Cute, cute post to read on this cold winter night here in NE Louisiana.

    Sending sunshine and rainbows your way!

  17. we still eat PISKETTI in our house instead of spaghetti.
    babygil always referred to the chinese restaurant as 'the fish store' because of their colorful, saltwater aquarium...
    I can still hear her begging Daddy to 'do gin', 'do gin'...he would be worn out from tossing her in the air or letting her climb up his legs and flip over, but she would be wanting him to do it again...
    Wonderful memories...great post!
    Stay warm.

  18. As a former pre-school teacher, I have heard my share of funny words. Wish I had kept a journal of all the cute things my classroom children said over the years. Loved this post!!! All families have their own "expressions" that bring smiles and laughter when they are said among family members. Such great memories of happy times together!! Hope you get a break in your weather soon. Love & blessings from NC!

  19. I loved this post, since I've just came back from Mexico, where there's has been a real 'haverst' of new grand-nieces and nephews! And it was so cute to hear the funny words they make of real things....
    And for the same token....English being my second language, my husband and also my own son have kept a list of 'funny' words I say (now called Letycisms!:(mostly inveted word order or strange 'endings'...they laugh at me every time I utter some of those....i.e., "wooly-cotton" for the type of cotton I use to remove my make-up...worst thing is that way back, when we first married... Robin, knew what I ment by that....but never accounted that when I ran out of that....I went to Boots and asked for...yes! " Wolly Cotton, please..." - needless to say the girls bihind the counter just disappeared laughing!

  20. Oh my goodness, what a precious post. Scanning those pictures must have just killed you! I know I can't even go through baby pictures of my 10 year old without getting misty. When she's 20 I'll have to lock them up for fear of a break down!

  21. This was a fun post! Paul used to call elephants "ephalants" and I never corrected him once. I would have let him call them that all his life, it was that precious. All my kids call spaghetti "basketti" and we still call it that occasionally.

  22. Oh my goodness, your girls were DARLING! They still are. It says a lot about your family that you still use the cute words they made up when they were young. Thanks for the shout-out, Joyce! I noticed my traffic was unusually high, it was all your friends stopping by!

  23. What a cute post traveling down memory lane. Love the summer photos and yes after shoveling for 2 days, I needed to see sand, ground and skin. Thanks

  24. The things kids say!!

    I am impressed with the snow fort.
    While living in the mountains, where we got plenty of snow, we were never able to make square snow blocks to build a fort.
    We did have fun throwing snowballs.

  25. You've brought a big smile to my face. Both my granddaughters (who are not sisters) say "mazagine". And one of them wears "jamamas" to bed. My oldest daughter used to say "I bless you'd" when she sneezed. And her favorite cereal was "crapped in crunch". We still eat "racky cheese" (macaroni & cheese) and "kitchen on the clob" (chicken legs). My favorite though is when I would tell the kids to behave and my daughter would respond with "we're being have".

  26. Joyce, your blog posts always tug at my heartstrings. So powerful! Arielle used to say "hospitable" for "hospital." Many memories come flooding back...

  27. How precious are those pictures!!!

    This is the cutest post idea!

    When our oldest daughter was very small, we would say "come on, let's get you shoes on". One day she couldn't find them and said "I can't find my shoeson" She thought that's what they were!

    Younger daughter told us once that she was so "essited" when she was excited, we still say that. Regularly.

    We still mock my brother, who once indignantly shouted, "Well, EVIDENTUALLY, you just don't know!!!"