Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pre-Oscar Party Post

Answer me this...
why are the weekends so ding dang short?
This one seemed to positively fly.

Although hubs said last weekend that he was through painting and wanted to hire out the rest of the work, guess what he did yesterday?

He painted.

Yay hubs!
Like I said, if he weren't so good at it and didn't work for cheap I might consider hiring someone, but until then he's my guy.
Saturday he spent the day painting daughter1's bedroom.

Technically daughter1 has her own apartment and bedroom several states away but that's neither here nor there.
This is her room when she's home and we chose a color called Khaki.

(Insert sound of daughter1 shrieking here)

She has never been a khaki kind of girl...

Guess what color she would have chosen?

We want warm neutrals in the bedrooms and her room
gets a lot of sun so it can handle a darker tone on the walls.
It turned out beautifully and I'd post a picture except we don't have the furniture put back.
We decided we're buying new for her room.
It's time.
I look at the sweet wicker dresser that has been in one daughter or the others bedroom since 1990 and its a little bit hard to let it go.
Until I inspect it more closely, and then I realize its past time.
Daughter1 would agree.

In other weekend news we went to a fun dinner party on Saturday evening where the main course was raclette.

Oh yum!
Have you ever had raclette?

It's a bit similar to a fondue party in that everyone cooks their own meal.
Instead of dipping into a pot you place your cheese under a special cooker that looks something like this one which is from Williams Sonoma-

The photo is from their website.
Can I do that?
I hope so.
If it helps, I love the store!

Anyway, once your cheese has melted into gooey deliciousness you scrape it off the dish and onto your plate which is covered in potatoes, vegetables, onions, pickles, and dried meats like salamis and sausages.
If you like cheese this meal will make you deliriously happy.

Raclette originated with the Swiss and you see Raclette restaurants dotted around many of the Swiss and French alpine towns and villages.
The traditional set up looks more like this-

The last time I had raclette it was eaten here-
in France...

Saturday night it was eaten in a NJ suburb but it was still a whole lotta fun.

Speaking of fun...
I brought dessert to the party so while hubs was painting yesterday I was baking.

I'd seen both recipes in recent issues of Southern Living and both are keepers.
And here it is, a brand new week and I'm already off on food tangents.

C'est la vie.

I must end this post tres rapidment as the Oscars are on and I need to see the clothes and the hair and the craziness that is Hollywood.

Hope your weekend was filled with food and family and fun too~


  1. I love the choc peanut butter truffles. Post recipe please!

  2. When I saw the cake, I said, "oh, my", then I saw the truffles and said, "OH.MY."
    I'm going to have to look those recipes up for sure!

  3. Your life is too dang darn ding dong exciting for me. France! Raclette! Williams Sonoma!
    Khaki Walls (not peach)!
    Oh, be still my heart.
    My husband has deer meat thawing in the sink.
    Are you tempted, Joyce?
    Are you?

  4. Oh, that Almond Ameretto Pound Cake caught my eye immediately! Yummy!

    Yes, the Oscars is all about hair and dress, don't care who wins, just what they have on. :o)

    Fun post!

  5. Yes, I've had Raclette. In Switzerland! And I think you should post the recipe for that pound cake.

  6. Oh. **red face** I see you set up a link to that recipe. nevermind....

  7. That Raclette sounds pretty good. Maybe I can try that in Paris! The desserts you made sound pretty awesome too, thank you for the links.