Monday, February 28, 2011

Post Party Post

Did you watch The Oscars last night?
Hubs and I managed to see almost all of the nominated movies this year which I think is a first. We missed Winter Bone and in fact I'd never heard of it until the awards rolled around.
And we skipped 127 hours because watching someone 'trapped' for that length of time would make me hyperventilate.

But we did watch the show last night and here are my thoughts in no particular order-

1. Natalie Portman is stunning.

2. Reese Witherspoon =adorable.
She looked a little bit like a Barbie Doll but in a good way.

3. I enjoyed the opening number...
they spoofed the nominated movies in a very clever way.

4. The hosts were eh.

5. But Anne Hathaway looks amazing in absolutely everything she wears.

How does she breathe in this one?

6. Some of the winners should just say thanks and move along Melissa Leo.
I loved her in The Fighter but dropping the big bad word in her acceptance speech at the Oscars was eww.

7. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis presented an award together.

I loved her dress but had no clue what all their banter was about.
I think I might be old.

8. Who knew Zachary Levi could sing?

9. Gwynneth Paltrow has really grown on me this year.

10. My pick for Best Picture was Best Picture...
if you haven't seen The King's Speech you should.

So, did you watch?
Did you have a favorite dress?
A least favorite dress?

Hollywood is so full of themselves sometimes I can hardly stand it.
But I enjoy going to the movies and I thought there were some really wonderful films last year.

And I do love beautiful clothes.

And its a rainy Monday morning here...
since I did my weekend recap yesterday what else is there to talk about today?


  1. I did not watch the Oscars. *gasp* I know. lol. Anne Hathaway does look fabulous in anything. Reese is just too darn cute. Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous week. Blessings, SusanD

  2. I did watch the Oscars and yes, Melissa Leo should wash her mouth out with soap.
    The dresses were mostly lovely, but what was Nicole Kidman thinking? Her's was just awful!
    My favorite movie was The King's Speech, and I am glad it did so well.

  3. No, I didn't watch. I used to watch them every year, when I was an avid movie watcher, these days I'm out of the loop...

    I've been watching some of the highlights on the morning news...what was up with the host dressing as Marilyn Monroe??? That gown just was NOT his color! LOL

  4. Gwyneth was my favorite... just loved the material! SO cute! I also loved Helen Mirren - such class!

  5. I did not watch--never have. You're right that Hollywood is so full of themselves. Reese does look a bit like Barbie in that picture. She's cute no matter what. That blue dress looks like duct tape! And I must be really old, because I didn't recognize most of the names you mentioned!

  6. I am glad you didn't get the Justin Timberlake monologue either. I said to Kevin, what is he talking about? Sometimes I think I should know - then I feel old when I don't. Liked Reese's dress, think she is adorable....not so much the hair.

  7. I watched for about the first 30 mins. or so, then switched channels. I did pop back from time to time, mainly to see what everyone what wearing. I didn't really have a favorite dress, per se. I thought Anne Hathaway looked gorgeous in ALL the dresses she wore. Not too sure about her and James Franco being the best at hosting, though.

  8. No, I didn't watch, but I enjoyed your pictures and comments.

  9. nope. we didn't watch either. i figure i'd catch up by reading blog posts about it. ;)

  10. I didn't get what Justin was talking about either. Hmm

    I so wanted the hosts to do amazing but in their defense, they aren't comedians, after all.

    Pony tails are obviously in again. Ha.

  11. I have not seen The King's Speech. Perhaps I should! :)

  12. I watched but have not seen many of the movies. I was underwhelmed with the hosts. I didn't get lots of the banter and I don't think it's because of my age. I just think those people aren't living in the real world so they talk about stuff that doesn't make sense in our world. I was embarrassed by Cate Blanchett's dress. She is stunning but her dress was a nod to Little House on the Prairie...not so good for the Oscars. Anyway, I love to watch and be amazed at how normal my world is.

  13. I hope that when my kids are grown and gone, I'll get to see movies again too. I don't think I saw a single nominated film this year that was not animated!

    BTW, that pic of your cake in the last post is great. I can almost taste it!

  14. I haven't seen "The King's Speech" so I'll have to convince DH to put it on our Netflix watch list. I didn't watch the Oscars but I enjoy looking at the clothes.
    Anne Hathaway looked STUNNING
    Paltrow was ELEGANT
    Kunis, her dress was creative and after looking at it for a bit, I thought it was BEAUTIFUL.

  15. I enjoyed them. Good or Bad I always like them.
    I hate when they knock the hosts. They were only following a scripe that was written for them. We all loved when Billy Crystal did them.
    I thought that most of the dresses were very nice.

  16. I loved them, I always do. Good or bad it is still one of my favorite shows to watch each year.

  17. I liked all the dresses you did.
    My worst was Cate Blanchett, who looked beautiful, but I did not like the picture frame with the yellow boils on her back.

    My kids said they thought the host, James Franck, looked high.