Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I heart the Wednesday Hodgepodge-Vol 13

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1. What is more important to you-doing what you love or loving what you do?

Sometimes I stump my very own self with these questions. What seems like a simple question on the surface is actually somewhat complicated underneath. I am going to say loving what you do. I think its wonderful to be able to do whatever it is you love to do in life but oftentimes we're not that fortunate. I think it's important for me to learn to love what I am doing, otherwise I will go thru life feeling restless and unhappy. Contentment is huge in my book.

2. Do you like bleu cheese?

Yes. Sadly I don't think I've ever met a cheese I didn't like.

3. What is the most difficult emotion for you to handle? in nervousness. I carry on a running conversation with God and also with myself when it comes to anxiety and worry. I've made great strides but its still probably the emotion I find hardest to handle.

4. Fresh flowers or chocolate?

Fresh flowers. Don't get me wrong...I love chocolate and its part of the food pyramid in my house, but there is nothing like fresh flowers to brighten a dreary winter day. Have I mentioned I'm a teensy bit tired of winter?

5. What's a song you love that has the word 'love' in the title? It doesn't have to be a 'love song'.

I could put 100 answers in this space.

How He Loves by The David Crowder band is maybe my favorite song ever but I'm not going with that one. Instead I'm going with the very first song that popped into my head and that's Love Train by The O'Jays. How can you not love this song? Doesn't it make you want to sing along?

In our house we smile at the words to the very first verse "...the next stop- that we make- will be England..." ...when Daughter1 was in grade 9 we lived in Maryland and she was in her high school's rock and roll revue. In one number she sang and danced to this song. She had no idea that just five short months later her next stop really would be England. Its a happy song. Plus I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about music of the 1970's.

6. Are you the person you wanted to be when you grew up?

No. Well, sort of but not completely, no. I don't think I'll elaborate.

7. Any special Valentine's Day plans?

I'm somewhat pleased with myself this year as I managed to order a treat for my girls to be delivered to their mailboxes on time. On time is key. Plus, I put packages into the mail for them that will also arrive on time...special gifts the hubs bought for his girls in China. I even managed to order a little something for the hubs which will also arrive on time. I'm patting myself on the back for doing these things far enough in advance that special delivery wasn't necessary.

Hubs and I will probably have a nice dinner someplace, maybe even at home because we like to cook together. And it will most likely be this weekend since I'm pretty sure my Valentine is traveling on the actual day.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

'The King's Speech' is the best movie I've seen in a long time. You don't even need to love all things British or enjoy history or to have at one time been employed as a Speech Therapist to enjoy this film. It is fabulous!


  1. Hi Joyce! Your cheese answer made me chuckle. Many years ago, my daughter and I took quizzes on how well we knew each other. She was very surprised when I got all of the answers correct...even the one about her favorite food: cheese.

    She's 19 now (yikes, but saying that, with her birthday just two weeks past is weird indeed). She still loves cheese!!

  2. #1 stumped me, too. ha. If pressed, I would have to chose flowers, as well. I'm hoping my valentine will not be traveling on the actual day... but you never know. ;) I'll have to put this movie on my list. We're so out of touch with movies these days... great to know there's still a few good ones being made.

  3. #3 I seem to talk with God a lot more now than ever before-this eases my fear. Fear and worry go hand-in-hand.
    Fresh flowers always bring sunshine!!!!

  4. Had to think about #1 as well --too much time on your hands so you came up with a hard question? I worry as well! We haven't seen a move in a long time, I guess we need a date night!

  5. #3 I seem to talk to God a lot more now than ever before--this eases my fear. Fear and worry go hand-in hand. But worry just causes me to be more fearful.
    Fresh flowers!!! yeah-- Turns a dreary day into sunshine.

  6. Fear and worry are tough ones for me too. However, I was so tired when I answered these last night, that every emotion seemed hard to me right then. lol

    I like flowers too, but I just can't get past the chocolate.

    Thanks for the great questions again.

  7. Love The King's Speech. It was a great movie!

  8. I'm with you on #3. When I start to worry, I just remember Matthew 6.

    Thanks again for coming up with another wonderful set of questions ... I love that some make me think and some are just plain fun.

  9. I went w/contentment on #1 too. Kudos for getting all your surprises taken care of so they get there on time! Thanks for hosting. Blessings, SusanD

  10. I agree with love what you do, not many are as fortunate to do what you love. You are good already ahead of the game....I'm heading out today! I noticed in the grocery store Easter is already up!

  11. Enjoyed the questions again this week. And, Kudos for you for getting things lined out so nicely for Cupid! Yes, #1 was a deep question. Sending sunshine your way!

  12. Love your answer to #5. Life can be ironic a lot of the time, can't it?

  13. Thanks for the great questions this week. Thanks also for the recommendation of "The King's Speech." I love Colin Firth. Maybe hubby and I will go see it when we go out for Valentines Day.

    I struggled with question #1 as well... and came up with a completely different answer but I like your answer better than mine.

  14. I found the first one kind of hard to answer, too. Fear/anxiety is probably the emotion I wrestle with the most. I love to brighten up the house with fresh flowers, but I just threw some away that were starting to smell really bad -- or more likely, the water they were in was -- so that soured me on them for the moment.

  15. I think you and I have the same view about loving what you do.
    Great choice for a "love" song! I love that 70's music, too!
    I'm envious that you are so "together" with Valentine's Day this year--me? Not so much! I still have a few days to get prepared...

  16. Cheese is fantastic!
    I love that you stumped yourself! ha!

  17. Nodding my head with you at Number 1.

    And The King's Speech is one of the best movies ever made, with an incredibly moving performance by Colin Firth. Love it!!

  18. Great questions, Joyce. I have trouble with fear and anxiety as well. Marrying Indiana Jones has forced me to confront a lot of that. Sometimes with grace and a smile, sometimes with grumbling. : )

  19. Love your questions Joyce.
    I'm wondering how you come up with such good questions every week.

    Anyhoo, I hope all your Valentine's plans work out ON TIME.

    Have a great week!

  20. I love comparing answers from both sides of the pond - it's funny how English answers are so different to American ones. I think our cultures are so similar in some ways yet so wildly different in others and it comes out in our answers to these questions. I absolutely love it!! Thank you Joyce :)

  21. I love reading your questions AND your answers every week! Great job on getting everything to everybody on time. I need to be able to do the same thing myself. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Candace

  22. Our answer to question #3 is the same. I guess I know where I get it from. So glad to be at home doing this with you! xo

  23. Outstanding guestions, yet again, Joyce. Some are not what they seem to be, but provoke thought. I like to think.

  24. Enjoyed your answers and the questions. I am with you on #1, it made me feel better knowing you stumped yourself too. lol. Glad you are getting so spend some time with your daughter this week! Wish I was on top of things with my Valentines, I have hubby taken care of, but I have to get in gear with the grandkids. We usually send care packages.
    until next time... nel

  25. How funny that you stump yourself too!

    Thanks for doing this each week.

  26. Okay, Miss "No Loss For Words" way to leave us dangling on #6. ;)

    I left the actual mailing to the Hubby and his office staff so I'm assuming they will be ON TIME!

  27. So, you are part mouse too! I also haven't met a cheese I didn't like!

  28. I was confused on the first question but your answer explained it pretty well. Enjoyed reading your answers, it's always fun to see how you answer your own questions! I plan to see that movie in Florida next week.