Saturday, April 4, 2020

Don't Even Think About It

Happy Saturday! Every day is Saturday now, right? I'm still chugging along in the April A to Z Blog Challenge and enjoying it so far. Onward-

Day 4-D is for Don't 

Once I landed on a theme of sorts I sent an email to 26 friends and family members letting them know I would need their help. Since my mom doesn't check her email regularly I phoned her to explain what I was doing and to get her word. Before I told her what it was for I said,

"Mom. If I say the letter D what is the first word that comes to mind?'
And in true motherly fashion she laughed and said-Don't. 

If that is not one of the quintessential words representing motherhood around the globe then I don't know what is.

Don't slam the door
talk with your mouth full
run with scissors
go out with wet hair

Don't leave those things there
make me call Dad
roll your eyes
get up from the table until you've eaten your peas
get in a car with strangers
say anything if you can't say something nice
let me catch you doing that again

Don't forget to wash your hands!
brush your teeth
return your library book
clean your room

Don't forget to say I'm sorry
mind your manners
ask for help

Don't forget your passport
your orthodontist appointment after school
your grandmother's birthday

Don't forget you promised

Don't forget to call
to text
to let me know when you get home

Don't panic
Don't give up
Don't worry

Don't forget I love you to the moon and back
I want what's best for you
I'm on your side

Don't forget this moment
this day
where you came from

Don't forget you're never alone
God loves you
He's got the whole world in His hands

Thanks Mom
for this word
for teaching me life's do's and don'ts

Don't forget you're special
and oh so loved


  1. I love this!! and so try of the many don't we say!
    Stay safe friend. How is Maggie? This teaching from home is difficult for this oldie. Our school did send a video to our students from all of us...check it out on FB Chilhowie Middle School...things we do when bored. I told a colleague I will never complain about grading papers again!

  2. This is beautiful!! Don't indeed! It's not a negative word at all.


  3. Don't you just love Mom Don'ts? :)

  4. Great post and most of these are very familiar. I’ve either heard them from my mom or said them to my girls or both!

  5. A perfect word to come from your mom!! We have all heard those very things from our moms (and dads)!! On to the letter E!

  6. Great use of the word Joyce :)

  7. A perfect word uttered by mothers everywhere. I enjoyed how it evolved throughout your poem. Weekends In Maine

  8. I absolutely loved this post... thank you!

  9. I love this one. I came to your A-Z to gain some inspiration. I was behind before I started the challenge...but still glad I did. I'm not getting many comments back from the comments I make and was feeling it was a bust...but then you commented and encouraged me (thank you). And thank you again for hodgepodge.