Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Young At Heart In the Hodgepodge

Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge and Day 25 (whoop whoop!) in the April A-Z Blog Challenge. You'll find my thoughts on Letter Y at the end of this post.

If you've answered this week's HP questions add your link to the list, then hop over to read what your neighbor had to say. Here we go-

1. Expect the unexpected on From This Side of the Pond. Here's my x-ray question...when was the last time you felt like Superman? What's your superpower? Explain.

Completing this A-Z challenge. It was a lot of words, even for me. 

What's my superpower? Lately it feels like cooking. 44 days in a row yowza! 

2. Are you a fan of the 'superhero' type movies? If so what's your favorite?

Not especially. I haven't seen any of the Captain America Marvel blahblahblah. Just not my thing. If I had to choose a favorite 'superhero' movie I'd say I liked some of the Batman series of movies. 

3. Have you postponed or cancelled a trip to the dentist in recent weeks, and if so when do you think you'll feel comfortable going back? How about other routine medical procedures?

I'm supposed to go to the dentist next month but I don't even know if they're seeing patients for routine cleanings at this point. I go three times a year, so can easily postpone this one until things settle down a bit and I likely will. 

I do have two other routine medical checkups coming due that I would rather not postpone. I guess I'll have to see if having them done in May is even an option. They're not urgent, but definitely need to happen to keep something that truly would be urgent from occurring. 

I do wonder how many more serious illnesses will be diagnosed in the general population as a result of everyone postponing their little preventative tests and procedures that spot trouble early on?

4. What's something that makes you feel youthful? Something that makes you feel 'not so youthful'? Tell us why.

I'm going to expand on this one in my random thought today (see #6) because my A-Z word of the day is-youthful. 

Something that makes me feel youthful? Keeping up with technology as much as I can, doing a plank or a push up, a great haircut, hearing see ya next year from the doctor, traveling somewhere I've never been before, and using my brain.

Not so youthful? Trying to keep up with technology, exercising beside a 20-something, roots that need to be dealt with, being introduced to someone and promptly forgetting their name, my eyesight, and in general all the body maintenance that needs to happen on a regular basis. 

5. I feel compelled to include some sort of corona related question in the HP these days. What's the strangest thing you've seen in relation to the virus? Something that really struck you as odd, made you stop and think, 'Dorothy we're not in Kansas anymore?'

Lots of things...people being arrested for kayaking alone in the middle of the ocean, city governments dumping sand in a skate park to keep people away, playgrounds roped off, swings tied up, basketball nets cut down...the list goes on. 

But I'm going to say walking into the supermarket wearing a mask is near the top of my own personal list. It feels weird and it is weird but I suppose before too long we won't think twice about donning a mask, and this will be our new way of life. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I've been participating in the April A-Z Blog Challenge all month long, and have really enjoyed it this year. Today's word comes from a friend I met while living in England (she's American) and we moved back to the states about the same time. We both loved to hike the English countryside, and she reads my blog and leaves me lots of kind comments, so thanks M for the word of the day-

Day 25-Y is for Youthful 

I have a pretty big birthday coming up a little later in the year and at this point I have no idea how I will be marking the occasion. Once upon a pre-Corona time I thought hubs and I could hop the pond and celebrate with tea and scones in the land of tea and scones, but given all the current crazy I don't see that happening. Plan B it is. 

As soon as I figure out a Plan B then Plan B it is. 

Let's talk about this word. Youthful. I feel like my kids would say if you use the word youthful then you're not. Ha! There are several definitions, most relating to your actual age, but one says something along the lines of having the vitality or freshness of youth so that's the one I'm going with. 

My girls are what I would describe as fresh faced. The glowing skin, the silky hair that looks adorable no matter if its perfectly styled or stuffed into a messy bun, no angle they need to avoid while being photographed, and most especially that unidentifiable quality towards living that I'm going to call exuberance. 

Me on the other hand, well my hair needs a professional and my skin care routine is probably too little too late, and a messy bun on me just looks plain messy. Also nobody better snap a photo without a little warning if they know what's good for them. 

In other words, I'm not fresh faced. 

Except in my head I kind of am. I'm often taken aback by the image I see in the mirror because that's not me, is it? It is me, but it's not the me I am on the inside. 

On the inside I am still exuberant. Maybe not every single day, but mostly I still feel like there is so much to look forward to and there are so many beautiful places to see and interesting people to meet and experiences to be enjoyed and that makes me feel youthful. 

Is youthful a fact of the calendar or a state of mind?  
Asking for a friend. 


  1. Cooking for 44 days in a row...GOOD ONE! I have to admit we've gotten taken a few times for a treat or because I just couldn't do it again and needed a day off.

  2. On my big birthday my daughter took me to Mohegan Sun for a Spa day and nightclub night. It was wonderful. She had a crown for me a button pronouncing my Birthday and cake at every turn. Oh yes, champagne too!
    Happy Birthday and I hope you and Hubs figure out a way to celebrate!

  3. Great questions this week, again! And, love your thoughts of youthfulness and I'd have to say that you have such a youthful and fun appearance. Have a great rest of the week. We're Oklahoma bound on Friday to see those sweet boys. It's way past time!

  4. I choose to say that youthful is a state of mind more than what the calendar says. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! lol

  5. Not much of a fan of the superpower movies. Dental appointment but was rescheduled. I think we will not think twice about wearing a face mask.

  6. Yep - I already feel like its pretty normal to see the masks. we will be stating back to work in the new few weeks & already been instructed that we have to wear masks walking around the office. A new accessory to go with the outfit.

  7. I think it is a state of mind and you are definitely youthful! I hope that there aren't future problems related to wearing masks so often. I can't help but think it can't be good to not breathe fresh circulating air.

  8. Yes... that cooking thing. We had breakfast for dinner last night, again. Keep us posted on Plan B! I have a year and a half before my next "big" one. Not sure how we will celebrate, but celebrate we will!! Each year is a gift, no matter the number!! Thanks for the Hodgepodge!!

  9. I loved your entire answer for the 'youthful' question! And thanks for the Hodgepodge. Sorry about the double link up. I was doing this in a dark room at 5:30 this morning and accidentally hit the wrong link.

  10. I did reply in the youthful question that I feel youthful when I don't look in a mirror. I am getting tired of eating at home. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on youthful. That whole mask in the supermarket thing. I'm finding that I'm off my shopping game. With that mask on I just can't think the same way and shop as comfortably. Ugh. Thanks for the questions you prepare!

  11. You definitely strike me as youthful Joyce and positive. Well done on the cooking. I've let hubby take over that job.

  12. Yes, I don't know how you do the challenge. I hear you on the cooking. I forgot about Batman, they were good movies. I like your answers for feeling youthful. I thought that sand in the skating parks was extremely mean. I know I will be wearing a mask until a vaccine is out and I will definitely be social distancing too. I won't be going back to bowling.

  13. Great questions today. It challenged my mind. With not working these past 6 weeks my biggest daily challenges have been do I want to bake cookies today or not. LOL

  14. Thank you for hosting! It's so good to have a reason to think about things and write....and connect with others.

  15. I'm with you on the quarantine cooking. I've cooked more in the last 6 weeks than I have in the last 10 years! True story. I miss going out for dinner! Thanks for hosting.