Friday, April 24, 2020

For Certain

Happy Friday everyone! I know it feels like forever and a day I've been at this A-Z Blog challenge, but we're nearing the conclusion so hang in there. Talking to myself now because wow the alphabet has felt especially long this year. 

Today's word comes from one of my lake friends and no we're not related-ha! We do however have many things in common including both of us once upon a time working as speech-language pathologists. We're also members of the same church, have two grandsons very close in age, love to read and talk and play cards and go out for brunch and the list goes on. She reads my blog and encourages me to keep writing, so thank you C for your friendship and the word of the day. 

Day 21-U is for Uncertain

It's a beautiful day here today and I want to think happy thoughts, so I'm going to turn this word on it's head. I can do that ya know.

The word uncertain makes me feel that other 'u' word-uneasy. There are things in our everyday lives that we count on, regardless of whether or not we should, and when the world tilts we aren't quite sure what to do about it. So we freeze.

We wait. We pray. We hope. 

There's a debate in certain communities as to whether or not we can truly know anything for certain, and some will want to argue the point, but I'm a dreamer not a scientist and I say yes. 

Here are a few things I know for certain. Things of which I am absolutely and completely positive. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. No ifs ands or buts. Come hell or high water or quarantine. 

1. My grand babies are sunshine and pure sweetness. 

Please don't even try to dispute it. 

2. I'm going to look older than I feel if the salons don't reopen in the next few weeks. Hopefully I won't have to prove it.

3. We cannot control the actions of others. Only our response to them. 

4. Life can be pared down very quickly to what's most important. 

5. Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. You get no argument from this grandmother on those two sources of sunshine and joy in your life. In this day that seems to be bringing so much uncertainty and unease to so many, we need to be reminded there are truths that we can trust to be the strong certains and sureties in our life. This time for the Christian does not need to filled with fear and unease.

  2. Pure sweetness indeed! I like the things you are certain of...

  3. Those boys are adorable, for certain!!

  4. Ha as if I would dispute anything about grandbabies. Good list Joyce.

  5. "We cannot control the actions of others. Only our response to them." Apparently this is a lesson I have needed to learn in recent years (and weeks).

    Yes, this time of uncertainty is uncomfortable. I guess we are apprehensive of what that "new normal" is going to be.

  6. Lovely upbeat post, and those grandbabies of yours are definitely little rays of sunshine.
    You mentioned you used to be a speech-language pathologist. So was I.