Friday, April 17, 2020

Once Upon A Time

I'm playing a little bit of catch up today since I was without power earlier in the week and missed a letter.

Today's letters come from my sister and also from a long time dear friend who worked with hubs for many many years. Both made trips to our home in England way back when and the words they chose go together, so it's a combo post today. 

Day 12-L is for London

Day 15-O is for Once

Once upon a time we lived in England. Not London, but nearby in a small village about 15 miles west of the city. A dot on the map where we walked our pup through the commons, met friends for dinner in the local pub, and hopped a train to London any time we pleased. Which was often. 

Where we mastered the art of parallel parking in minuscule spaces, puzzled over the rules of Cricket, and learned a whole new vocabulary.

Where we fell in love with Indian curries, iced buns, and Sunday roasts with a side of yorkshire pudding. 

Where we indulged daily in the pure pleasure of a cuppa with a friend. 

Where we raised teenagers...

Drove left while seated right...

And spent hours in a garden where poppies and foxglove and people grew. 

Where we donned wellies to hike past ancient trees and fields of rapeseed...

Across moors and bridges and old stone walls in the middle of nowhere.

Around bluebell blankets and fields of sheep. 

Through kissing gates that led to wide open spaces and beauty as far as the eye could see. 

Where history was at every turn...

And when the sun shone it was your favorite day of all the days. 

This picture popped up on my Facebook page last week, our first tagged photo on the site some 11 years ago-

We're in front of Buckingham Palace here and asked a stranger to take our picture. Selfies weren't a thing yet, or at least they weren't for us. I think the trend was just getting started back in 2009 but 11 years later we still haven't mastered it, so yeah. We asked a stranger to take a picture and they obliged. 

A moment marked with the click of a camera.
There were a thousand more. 

Once upon a time we fell in love with a place and words and people. 

We are in love with them still. 


  1. What a beautiful trip down memory lane. I'm headed right now to pull out old scrapbooks and do a little meandering through our life in GX. Thanks for sharing. xo

  2. Very nice post, your photos are just beautiful! I've always wanted to visit England and I got to see some of it through your eyes, so thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing this amazing picture trip back into your once upon a time.

  4. Beautifully Britain with all its quirks.

  5. This post brings back so many memories of our magical 3 years in England! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great photos and words about wonderful memories, once upon a time in England. Have you written about your dog that you had with you in England? I see why the girls like big dogs now! He is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your L and O!

  7. Once upon a time Dear and I fell in love with this land, too.

  8. Thanks for reminding me of why I love living here.

  9. The pictures are lovely--and your choice of words to describe your memories really drew me in. You're a real master of words.