Monday, April 13, 2020


Good Monday morning to you all. I hope there was joy in your Easter weekend and everyone found ways to mark the day as special in spite of the distance between you and those you love.

Earlier in the week I asked hubs if we could get up before the birds on Easter Sunday and watch the sun rise from our dock. Our own little Easter morning sunrise service if you will. The weather forecast was not looking stellar, and he thought it would be too cloudy for any beauty to show up, yet there she was-

But only for a minute and then the rains came. Also lightning, thunder, howling winds and a couple of tornadoes. We ended our Easter Sunday sitting side by side at 3 AM in our lower level storage room which is concrete and windowless. What a day.

What a year.

What a world.

We had Sunday School with our class via Zoom and enjoyed our traditional Easter dinner (ham and pineapple stuffing) eaten on the good china in the dining room just because. We face timed with family, even getting my mom in on a call with all my sibs which was special. And we especially loved watching our grandsons from afar via pictures and video calls with my daughter.

Our little town did sustain some damage from one tornado that touched down, and sadly there was a fatality as well. Your prayers are very much appreciated as people mourn and clean up and repairs begin. Life feels a bit extra hard these days, which makes me more grateful (or maybe just more aware) than in years past for the significance of Easter and a hope that cannot be shaken.

I'm still writing each day in the April A-Z blog challenge but am taking a slightly different tack with today's letter and word.

Day 11-K is for Karaoke

This word comes to me courtesy of my sister-in-law, the one who plays the violin with an orchestra, who can carry a tune, and has that music gene in her DNA. Alas I do not. Have you seen the movie My Best Friend's Wedding with Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz? Well for those who have not, Cameron Diaz's character is peer pressured into performing karaoke, and it's not pretty but it is hilarious. 

Me doing karaoke would be similar. 

Since this word feels light and kind of fun I've decided instead of a whole post on the word I'm going to incorporate it into my Wednesday Hodgepodge questions this week . Let's see who might be a fan and who realizes they suddenly have somewhere else they need to be when a D.J. announces it's karaoke night. Stay tuned.

Also stay well-stay safe-stay home-stay happy. 


  1. Your grandkids are so adorable! I'm so thankful for technology that allows us to be "together" even when we're not.

  2. Wonderful to see your sweet grandsons. Sorry to hear that tornado touched down close to you. What a lovely idea to wake up and enjoy the sunrise on Easter morning.

  3. Those little boys!! Oh my goodness!! I will look forward to the Hodgepodge about Karaoke. I am right there with you... clearing out the joint!! LOL Stay well!

  4. Ha Karaoke is not my strong point either. Those boys are adorable. I'm glad you stayed safe during the tornado.

  5. Karaoke in Vietnam is a very different ballgame! It's not about singing well, but singing loud. And participating, whether you can sing or not. Many families do loud karaoke with groups of friends, right in their front room, going late into the night. (Well, not lately, thankfully keeping their distance.) Many expats find it annoying, but I have learned to view it as just one way people here celebrate life and friendship!