Saturday, April 18, 2020

Positively Grateful

I don't typically blog on Saturdays, but since I'm still rolling through the April A-Z challenge I'll make an exception. Today's word comes from an American friend I met while living in England.

Our daughters went to high school together and we were both involved with Young Life and the American Women's Club so spent a fair amount of time together back in the day. She's a woman of genuine warmth and her faith runs deep. She encourages me to keep looking for that silver lining, and the word she chose suits her-

Day 16-P is for Positive

One thing that helps me stay positive in this topsy turvy world is cultivating a heart of gratitude. Sometimes gratitude comes automatically and sometimes we need to stop what we're doing and take stock. 

During the last A-Z I used Saturdays for making a list of 20 small blessings featuring the letter of the day, and that's what I want to do now. Unfortunately P was one of the letters I made a list for in 2019 so I'm going to have to get creative. 

Can I come up with another 20? I think so, and NO double dipping (aka repeats). You can read last year's list by clicking the link here

The letter p and things for which I'm positively grateful-

promises kept
a red ripe plum
making plans
precious grandbabies
answered prayer
freshly painted walls
purple pansies
the perfect shade of polish
peaceful mornings
French pastry
an accident prevented
a field of poppies
my sister P
the letters and wisdom of Paul
a dip in the pool on a warm summer day
crossword puzzles
free parking
a problem solved

What would be on your 'P' list? 


  1. Peonies, Jigsaw puzzles, pastors, Godly parents, pizza, Psalms, pickles...

  2. Prayer would be at the top of my list followed by peaceful, praise, partner (Joe), plenty (of TP!). I enjoyed your positive list today!

  3. What a lovely list! I share many of your choices, but I'll add peonies, pomegranates, and pretty paper packages.

  4. I love your list. My list would have puzzles on with a capital P - I love all sorts of puzzles, especially during this crazy time.