Monday, April 27, 2015

Change of Scenery

These last few letters are not my best work. I know I'm always saying there's a lot going on here, but y'all there's a lot going on here. I am pressing on though, and will finish this A to Z challenge. It will be more whimper than bang, which I think is what I say every year at the end of April. 

I really want to stick to my theme (change), but some letters require more creativity than I can muster at the moment. How 'bout I just post some pretty pictures instead? 

Everybody loves baby bear cubs, don't they? As my grandma would say, "Oh my stars!" Are they the cutest things ever, or what?

W is for a Walk In The Woods

Hubs and I took a stroll through the Smokies, and by stroll I mean hike. A hike is more than a leisurely meander especially when you only have a general idea of where the trail is going and it ends up going much further than you planned. 


Sure I'm smiling, we're just getting started. Plus it was a gorgeous day. Picture perfect for a too long hike. 


I tell hubs I'm an outdoor girl wannabe. He says I am an outdoor girl. Patience is not his long suit, but he has all the patience in the world when it comes to managing me in the woods. 

Yes I sometimes require a bit of managing in the great outdoors. Ahem. I always begin super happy, chatty, and optimistic, but as we go along I realize there are parameters to my happy chatty optimism. 


Heres what I need-

I need to know how far we're going. That seems pretty basic, and while we always have plenty of water, a map, and a first aid kit, we might only have an approximate idea of mileage. 3 miles, 6 miles, whatever. Yeah what.ever. 

I need snacks. Like a toddler. I can't hike four hours without regular breaks for protein. You might know this phenomenon as 'hangry'. 


I need the knees I had at 20. Can't really do much about that, but a steep climb downhill makes me wish I could. 

I need a hubs who can work with all of the above. 

That I've got covered. 


  1. I love the Smokes! My parents have done a bit of hiking out of Gatlinburg (they live in MD) and I've done some extensive hiking in the Appalachians in Western Md. It beautiful!

  2. Joyce... you sound like me! I start off pretty good but end up being very high maintenance. Enjoy your Tuesday.

  3. It's been a long time since I've taken a hike. I'm not sure I could do it any more. Love the pictures.

  4. I am struggling with the last three letters too. I liked the W. It was one of my favorite places.

  5. If you're going for a long hike, I can't think of a better place to choose than the Smokies! So jealous!

  6. Like you I would need sustenance and definitely a plan. Open ended walks are not my thing.

  7. What a gorgeous day for hiking! Yes, those would be my handicaps/requirements as well. So glad you and Hubs were able to start and finish it together with or without a smile.

  8. Good for you. You guys do a lot of hiking or walks in the woods and I think that is awesome! Looks like a beautiful area.

  9. Nothing wimpy about this post. The photos are great and I'm happy to hear someone else has knee trouble on inclines, though I'm also sorry for you. Knee pain is exhausting. Protein snacks work for me too! Good luck with all you have going on. Hope you get an offer soon!