Saturday, April 18, 2015

Retirement Day 47

Here I am blogging on a Saturday like I said I don't do. Especially Saturdays where the forecast calls for sunny skies all weekend long, so whoohoo! 

Before we head out into the glorious spring, let's talk retirement. 
Where everyday is Saturday. 

That's kind of the first thing you have to figure everyday Saturday? I suppose it could be but we're still trying to mark the weekend as the weekend, and then have some sort of loose schedule during the week. On Thursdaysaturday we were here-

Yeah, we haven't quite got that schedule thing down pat yet, but hey it was a bright and beautiful Thursday so why not hike to the top of a nearby mountain? 

Why not enjoy a picnic lunch on a big rock with a view. 

Why not take a selfie?

Add selfies to the list of things we don't quite have the hang of...a noble goal for retirement don't you think?

We do try to run errands, complete household chores and take care of any business that needs taking care of during the week. And let me just say for the record there is a lot of business to attend to in the early days of retirement.

Paperwork to be read and digested. Monies to be deposited, moved, or rolled over. All the tax hoopla to understand before anything is deposited, moved or rolled. Also, true confession-financial planners and my husband toss out that 'roll over' phrase with great frequency. I only halfway know what they're talking about, but I nod a lot so we can move along. 

Oh wait, this post needs a letter.
P is for Par-tay! 

Since I'm blathering on about retirement let's go back and revisit Day 12 which I intended to mention on Day 13, but we flew to Texas on Day 13 so I'll mention it now on Day 47. 

On Day 12 there was a fabulous fun party thrown to help mark and celebrate this milestone in hubs career.

It was one part sweetly sentimental, four parts hilarious. 

Hubs loves his bow ties and the party organizers had a little fun with that. They even got the company bigwigs to don bow ties for the occasion. 

Course hubs had to help with the tying, but it's in his skill set so not a problem. There's an art to tying a bow tie and it takes a lot of practice to get it 'just so' without swearing. 

My hubs is a people person if ever a people person there was.

If people person were in the dictionary his picture would be right there beside it. He loves his 'peeps', so it was appropriate these were on the table at each place setting.

We've made so many wonderful friends in the thirty years he's been with this company. There were several speakers who shared stories and memories of time spent working with hubs and they were all so special. It's a really lovely thing to hear people confirm what you already know about the person you love.

The words both funny and touching, meant so much to both of us.

A wonderful way to mark the end of one chapter, the start of another...

...the one where everyday is Saturday if you want it to be.


  1. I am sure that retirement takes time to settle into. I agree that the weekend should be the weekend. What a fabulous party they had for your husband!

  2. Such a nice retirement celebration. And you are right about when it is Saturday. Today is Saturday, and I only am aware of that because I know yesterday was Friday!

  3. A lovely post for your letter "P" in the A-Z challenge! How nice to have a great retirement party. Good memories to store away and pull out on any Saturday!!

  4. What a handsome couple you are!! You are the youngest retirees I've ever seen, that's for sure. A new chapter of life is so exciting! Thanks for letting us tag along. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Wonderful time is before you. I am sure you will enjoy it.
    I am also one who makes AZ Challenge and I just want to say hello to you.


  6. Day 47 already? Time is flying! We just passed the 3 month mark, on the 16th.
    Hub's party looks like it was great fun, and it sounds like the two of you are beginning to settle in :) Ed and I now say, the weekends are just like any other time, to us!

  7. Great post, Joyce! We take hikes up mountains and have had a few picnics, but no bow ties. I enjoyed reading about that in particular!

  8. Nice blog! And congrats on the retirement. I don't expect I'll ever retire from writing, but when the spouse retires, we'll be so much more free to...go hike up a mountain on a Thursday!

    Hopped over from A to Z.
    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

  9. Congrats on retirement!! I hope you fully enjoy each and every day together!

  10. Wow, what a great send off to this new chapter in his life. Congratulations to him, and to you!!

    By the way, I LOVE the bow ties. I need to find one for hubby to see if he would get into them.