Monday, April 20, 2015

Dream On

Way back when...July 31, 2012 to be exact...I posted a list. It was something I'd seen on my Daughter1's blog, but it was also making it's way round the Internet. I thought it looked like fun so I hopped aboard the copycat train and joined the party.

The challenge was called 101 in 1001 and the idea was to create a list of 101 to-do's, and then tick them off in 1001 days. 1001 days is just under three years, which sounded like a long time, but here it is April 2015 and time's up. I thought today I'd revisit my list and share some thoughts I have about the project. You'll find my list here. 

Q is for Quite a List 

Do you set personal goals for yourself? I mean actual write them down and have a plan to meet them kind of goals? How about a bucket list? Things you want to do in your lifetime? A wish list? Things you'd do if time and money and circumstances allowed?

I think my 101 is a combination of all three.

I've always been a list maker. A dreamer and a list maker. When there are things you want in life, be they noble pursuits such as to develop healthier habits, or just enjoyable things you hope to experience,  like one day speak French in France, you're going to need  more than a dream and a list. You need to articulate what it is you want, but then you need a plan to make it happen.

Otherwise all you've got is a list. 
As the saying goes, 'If you want something different, do something different.'

You know that other saying, 'Her eyes were bigger than her stomach'? Yeah, well I guess you could say her dreams were bigger than her reach. Or maybe her pocketbook-ha! A little of both probably because wow, my list was ambitious in some areas, particularly travel. Not sure how I thought I was going to manage all that, but it sure was fun thinking about it.

So where exactly do I stand on Day 993?

I've completed roughly 30 items, so 30% of my list. That might not sound like a lot, but I actually feel pretty good about the number. As I've periodically revisited my list I've realized there are some things that no longer need doing, and a few things I no longer have any real desire to do.

Also, there were several items on the list whose success rate I found hard to quantify. For instance anything involving a change in habit like #93-Exercise at least 4x week'. There are many, many weeks where that happens and some weeks where I get close but don't quite hit the number 4. The important thing to note is that exercise has become a regular part of my weekly routine and that's a huge gain from where I was in 2012. Winning!

#1 on the list is staring me down (transfer our videos to DVD). That's been on my to-do list far longer than 1001 days, and probably the one thing I feel most guilty about not completing.

Yes lists and guilt occasionally go hand in hand.

Some things on my list were heavy, some frivolous.
I think a balanced life requires a little of both.

There are several items on the list I've made a dent in, but where I fell short of my actual target. #97- Write our sponsored children once a month lands under this heading as does #83-try one new recipe a month. We sponsor three children, and while I haven't written each one monthly I have written each one several times a year. I've also tried loads of new recipes, but not necessarily one each month.

I think I'm okay with falling a bit short in those areas where I overoverreached a little in scope. I did  make a good effort to do better than I've ever done before, and that feels like an accomplishment.

Still working on #52-make a playlist of my 100 favorite songs.
You can't rush greatness.

So what's my plan going forward?

To make a new list of course! Who's with me? 


  1. I love lists and I do have a to do list on the go most of the time which I revisit and update. I noticed your list before from back reading your blog and thought what a great idea but i'm good at starting things, less so at finishing. I was tempted but not enough. Not yet. I was also tempted by your Wednesday Hodgepodge but again not yet. I'm determined to finish the A-Z challenge first and then see where next.

  2. Hi, last you took the initiative to creatively come up with 101 thoughts for the challenge. I'm a list maker, and so is my hubby. Right now he is making a list of all the things he needs to remember for the old house and the new house as we get ready to make the move. I think I'll pass on making that long a list.

  3. I'm not sure I could come up with 101 things to put on a list. I commend you for just doing that!! I am a list maker, but on a much smaller scale. Keep us posted, though!! :)

  4. Oh, I am a list maker from way back but have never made a list with all the things I would like to do in a certain amount of time. But, might not be a bad idea as time is flying by. And, I have really lived by a list building our new house. It's been a life saver! Happy week!

  5. My list won't be over until October 2016. I have every intention of immediately starting a new one.

  6. I am all about making lists but I haven't had any lists of goals. I think it is time for me to do that list!