Friday, April 10, 2015


I is for Be Inspired. And Inspiring

Someone asked me yesterday where I find inspiration for writing. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that the things in which I find inspiration today, are the same things that have always inspired me. The manner in which they inspire may change, but not what's at the core.

Nature. I've always found inspiration in the beauty of God's creation. My feet in the sand at the edge of a seemingly endless ocean. The world spread wide from high up on a mountain. The bright red of a cardinal against the dull gray-brown of a not yet springtime landscape. The explosion of gold in my own backyard when October rolls around.

A bright blue sky. A pale blue sky. A starry sky. A great big brilliant moon.

Fluffy white clouds. Wispy clouds. A watercolor sunrise.

Inspiration doesn't only make us want to do something, it makes us feel something. When I notice the beauty that is everywhere, from the tiny perfection in a seashell to the majesty and grandeur of a hawk high overhead, I feel something.

Awe. Gratitude. Peace.

God's word. I grew up in Sunday School, memorizing Bible verses (thanks parents!), and hearing all the wonderful stories of faith the Good Book records. The most amazing thing about the Bible is the timelessness of it's words. Written centuries ago yet as relevant to daily living as if it were penned yesterday.

The words in scripture speak to me no matter what season of life I'm walking through. No self help book, no encyclopedia of knowledge, no parenting tome, no how-to best seller can reach into the corners of my soul the way God's word can.

And what exactly does God's word inspire in me? Self examination, reflection, small course corrections and big life changes to name just a few.

The written word. As a little girl I wrote a lot. Journals, stories, letters, cards, notes about my day in the small squares of my Holly Hobbie calendar. Growing up our house was full of books and we're all readers to this day. I fell in love with words and the way they fed my dreams.

When I began blogging I had no idea what I was getting into. I've always been a thinker, an observer of life, and I enjoy writing. Boom-blog born. Words are my love language and blogging opened the door to a world of wonderful writers. Writers who aren't necessarily published in book form although some are, but others too who have a deep thought, a significant insight, a funny incident, or a me-too tale to relate.

So often I read something and think 'Wow, I wish I'd written that.' Good writers are clever. They make me want to be better at this thing I love so much.

Creative people. There are so many talented people out there in the world, doing all sorts of amazing things. The most creative of them make me think I can be creative too. They make me want to create. I love the ballet, beautiful paintings, music that speaks, and English gardens in full bloom. I'm not skilled at any of those things, but when I'm privy to the power of someone else's talent I'm inspired to keep trying.

Kindness. In all its many forms. When I see it, hear about it, or am the recipient of it myself, I'm inspired. I see good in the world around me and want to hold on to the warm feelings stirred up by that goodness. I want to pay it forward.

I don't think I conciously seek inspiration. It's more like it arrives unbidden, so long as I make time and space for the things I've listed here. Some seasons of life that's been more challenging than others, but seasons they do change.

So what inspires you? What things or places would make your list?


  1. Hi there! I'm a first time visitor to your blog. Kindness is the most inspiring thing. In today's world, who doesn't need a little bit of kindness?!