Friday, April 17, 2015

O Happy Day

On this date one year ago, my now son-in-law asked Daughter1 to marry him.  

Swoon. This picture is so amazing. I see it now and still cannot get over the way this wonderful photographer captured all that sweet emotion. 

Eight and one half months later they said I Do. 

O is for O Happy Day

I'm still a little bit in love with the wedding photos.

Still in the process of having my book made, still full of all the happiness that flowed in abundance on that January day.

It's Friday and Fridays are made for happy, so I thought I'd bombard you with a few more pictures because why not? All wedding photo credits go to Chris Isham, photographer extraordinaire.

I periodically have my blog bound into a hardcover book, and I want all the happy recorded there too. 

The tender happy.

The sweet smiling happy.

The laughter bubbling over spilling out happy.

The precious friends so happy for your happy. 

The happy dance.  

The hubs making his baby girl (aka the maid of honor) laugh kind of happy.

The pure unadulterated happiness found in a great spinning dress.

The alone in the middle of a crowd kind of happy.

And the best kind of happy...

photo credit: Daughter1
....the happily ever after kind. 


  1. And what a lovely even this was from the proposal to the after wedding! Beautiful bride. Handsome groom. Proud parents. What more can you ask for?

  2. What lovely photos. They definitely look very happy together..

  3. What a great idea to have your blogs bound into a book. I may have to explore that for some of mine. Loved this post, and am always happy to see photos from the wedding!

  4. Enjoyed your pictures SO MUCH!!

  5. Love the pictures. Every girl should have one dress that swirls when she spins around. I don't care how tomboy you are, that's a fun thing. She is gorgeous on her special day.