Thursday, April 15, 2021

A Love Like No Other

Continuing with the April A-Z Blog Challenge and the letter of the day-

 M is for Marvelous Magical Momma

Hey little's Nana...and I want to talk about something sweet with you on this sunny Thursday morning. 

Your momma is something special. I mean all mommas are special but yours is completely extra. And do you know what? She has been since the day she was born. 

She has always had a gentle quiet spirit. 

She is funny, creative, musical.

She is beautiful and that shines from within. 

She is small but mighty. Even though you'll likely tower over her in the not too distant future, don't  ever underestimate her might. 

She is tender-hearted and compassionate. Even when she was a little girl she always had a sense about people and how they were feeling, what they need, how to respond. She has it still. 

She is smart and she loves words. You might have to ask your Dr. Dad to help you with math, but if it's words you need to know-find-understand then she's your girl. 

She has a spirit of adventure. Which seems kind of funny to us now because when she was a tiny tot she was a bit fraidy scared of change or anything new and unfamiliar. 

She got over it though and discovered there's a great big world out there waiting to be explored. She loves new languages, new peoples, new customs, and new places and she will make you love them too. 

She is patient. I absolutely marvel at the way she responds to your endless questions, your cries for attention, your needs both physical and emotional. 

Jesus loves her this she knows. And she is teaching you to know Him too. 

She is slow to anger and likes to give others the benefit of the doubt. She brings light and sunshine to a messy, tangled-up world. 

She loves your Daddy. 

And she sure loves you. 
That love will be with you solid and unfailing for always.

A gift even Nana can't put  into words. 


  1. What a sweet blessing you are leaving for your grandsons in this post about their mama. They are blessed to have her and you!!

  2. What sweet words you have written about your daughter!

  3. My eyes are leaking a bit right now. This post is so beautiful and such a wonderful gift to give to your daughter and your grandsons. I am sure they will know the same love that lives inside you, too. Those boys are so very blessed!! xo

  4. So sweet.

  5. Sweet tribute to your dear daughter!

  6. Lovely post! They will enjoy reading this someday.

  7. Ahhh, Joyce! That's most beautiful!! I'm sure your daughter gushed big ole crocodile tears when she read this and one day your grandsons will nod their heads in agreement with every single word typed on the screen. Motherhood is a magnificent role, one that many mount to the occasion to do mighty things and I marvel over the moms who worked beyond their four walls while maintaining things at home. That's a real mind bender to me. Very mushy good post - loved it!

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