Friday, April 9, 2021

A Nana's Prayer

You may be glad to know I do have a plan for some of the letters coming up in the A-Z Blog Challenge, which doesn't help with today but!... Daughter2 to the rescue.  I threw out the letter and she volleyed back with hopes and dreams so that's where we're headed today. What do I hope for my grandsons?

H is for Hopes and Dreams

I hope they know Jesus. I don't mean acknowledge His existence but really know Him.

I hope they talk to Him regularly and daily seek His will. 

I hope they choose wives one day who do the same. 

I hope they stay close and connected at heart, even if geography lands them miles apart.

I hope they are slow to anger and quick to forgive.

I hope they honor their parents all the days of their lives. 

I hope they're grateful. 

I hope they do the right thing when no one is looking.

I hope they are ever curious. 

I hope they see the world. 

I hope they are daring, not reckless. 

I hope they find beauty in small things.

I hope they laugh a lot. 

I hope they live their lives seeing the glass half full.

photo credit : Sincerely-Shannon

And I hope they're still best friends when they are old and gray. 

These are my hopes, and also my prayer. 


  1. Wonderful hopes and I hope the same for mine.

  2. I can't imagine anything better to hope for those dear boys!! xo

  3. Amen and amen to those hopes for your grandchildren!

  4. Well put. My hopes and dreams for my grandchildren too!

  5. What wonderful hopes and dreams for your grandboys

  6. Oh I am right there with you! Wonderful hopes for those grands of all of us!

  7. Joyce,
    As a mom to two boys, I do love this. Sam just turned 21 last week. Atticus will be 19, May 18th. I am so happy my boys are friends. At this time they rent an apartment together. Sam has been busy deployed with the Wisconsin National Guard, he appreciates his brother keeping the apartment and up to speed on things when he is away. When Sam returns it is always a fun time for them both.

    Praying for your grandsons. :-) Carla

  8. Joyce,

    Your prayers for hopes and dreams is heart-warming, the very things I want for my granddaughter and adult children who have strayed away from God. Thanks for sharing your touching words with me.

    If you haven’t already, please check out my Looney Tunes' Henery Hawk Art Sketch when you get a chance, my friend. Happy A2Zing!!

  9. That is one beautiful prayer for your grandchildren.