Monday, April 12, 2021

If I Only Had A Brain

New week, new batch of letters...blogging my way through the alphabet this month with the April A-Z Blog Challenge

 J is for Just Think

Sometimes when my kids would leave the house to go out with friends, to a party, to university, etc., I would shout behind them, 'Make good choices.' And they would laugh and roll their eyes, but still my words would ring in their ears which was kind of the point.

When my girls were college students home on break they thought it was funny to shout the words back to hubs and I as we headed out for an evening. It was funny. It also told me my words stuck and that's a good thing, a parenting win in my book.

Growing up my mom sometimes told me to 'use good judgement' when she felt I needed a gentle nudge, because that's what we moms do. We warn. Or maybe remind is a better word. We remind you of who you are and whose you are and sometimes children need reminding.

Sometimes adults do too. 

There have always been a hundred and ten ways for kids to get off track, but in 2021 with the internet at their fingertips and a phone in their hand, there are probably more like a million and ten. 

Use good judgement. 

While I might have cautioned my children about the words they would speak, parents today also need to caution their kids about the words they post. About the online sites they visit, the games they play there, and the hours they spend 'not interacting' with people face to face and it's exhausting. For everyone. 

Use good judgement. 

My grandsons are little but I write these posts thinking they'll read them some day. And I hope by the time they're old enough to read my blog the pendulum of this world will have swung back the other way a little bit. 

It often does you know. We are a nation of extremes and when we reach the pinnacle of one we find ourselves longing for what we left behind.  

More real life, less on-line life.

More restraint, less cancel culture based on a single photograph, tweet, or edited video clip. 

More patience, less impulsive regrettable decisions made for the sake of a like or a follow.

More courage of conviction, less hopping on bandwagons.

More kind words spoken, less cruel words shouted in ALL CAPS 

More good judgement, less chaos. 

 'If any of you lacks wisdom let him ask of God, who gives generously to all without reproach 
and it will be given him.' James 1:5 



  1. When our twins were little, I would say, "behave" and one day I was asked in a sweet little voice, "mommy - what is behave?" hahaha! When they were a little older, I would say as they went out the door, "remember who and whose you are."

  2. Amen!! My mom told me that it is important to know when to leave the party (to keep your reputation and integrity intact). That applies to much more than being at a party that is getting a little out of hand. I remember it always... good judgement... just think about it! Yep!! xo

  3. I love this post. Your wish for your grandsons is the wish I have for my grandchildren. I want them to have a better world to live in. Have a great week!

  4. Joyce,

    Perfect post - loved every word! I hope someday things revert to the way it once was. That's not totally realistic but if life goes in that general direction then it'll be a huge improvement over what's transpiring in our world around us. Excellent advice "Use good judgement!"

    If you haven’t already, please stop by when you can to take a peek at my newest Looney Tunes Art Sketch. Foghorn's Joke Advice. Happy A2Zing!!

  5. Excellent post and I love the "Mores" you shared.