Saturday, April 10, 2021

It's A List

Continuing my A-Z Saturday Blog Challenge tradition with a list of 20 seemingly small things I think are pretty grand. I like to make my lists more or less stream of consciousness, so there is no particular weight to the order in which things appear. The only rule is everything should somehow relate to the letter of the day. For the record, this week's letter was far more challenging than last.  

I is For Small Grand Things I Love

incredible sunrises
a big imagination
our immutable God
innocence in children
iced coffee on a summer day
a great idea
Indian curry
intriguing works of fiction
seemingly impossible chasms bridged
shimmery ink
Italian pottery
husbands who iron
a bed of purple iris in full bloom
impeccable service
daughters in the house
a cozy fire on an icy cold day
an indigo bunting in the back yard
island holidays
items on a to-do list marked done

If you make a list I'd love to know...happy weekend everyone! 


  1. That is an excellent 'I' list!! I do grocery lists and sometimes a to-do list than half the time I forget about them. I am enjoying your A-Z!! xo

  2. How fun.. shimmery ink :-) I love many of the same you listed. But my husband does not iron. Hee Hee!

  3. Joyce,

    What an incredible list of small grand things! Incredible sunrises, innocence of children, big imagination, immutable God are a few of my favorites. :)

    If you haven’t already, please check out my Looney Tune Injun Putty Tat Art Sketch when you get a moment, my friend. Happy A2Zing!!

  4. I need to work on a list like that. I love yours. My husband irons or he did more of it before he retired. Indian Curry had to come from living in the UK. Mark talked about it often when he went to the UK with work. The main office was there.