Tuesday, April 27, 2021

What, me worry?

So I didn't really want to write another post about this word, but every time I thought letter W there it was. Day 23 in the A to Z Blog Challenge-

W is for worry

I've written a number of posts that feature or touch on this topic, and one that really struck me was this one (linked here) written mid-way through my 50's. Since I've rounded the corner on another new decade I thought I'd see how things are looking now.

Welcome to grandparenting where your list of things to worry about grows longer than your arm.  

But only if you let it. 

Here's the thing...I believe God knows worry is something I fight against so He helps make that easier by continually orchestrating the circumstances of my life in such a way that I have no choice but to trust Him.  

My grandchildren live in South Korea and let me just state for the record, you have very little control over anything happening on the other side of the world. Maybe if your grandchildren live right down the block you would say the same about your geography because that's the nature of grandparenting. 

We meet these perfect (to us) little people and we want only sunlight and goodness to touch their lives always and forever amen. We love with abandon because that is our role and also our delight. 

Oh I could worry about all the many things including transatlantic flights, Covid before anyone uttered the word here but did there, North Korea shenanigans, your precious daughter giving birth in a hospital where nobody speaks English, small adorable children crossing busy streets in a foreign city, your daughter driving in said foreign city, missing birthday parties, school programs, and everyday ordinary fun, but you cannot do anything about any of it.

Except pray. Prayer is the antidote to worry. 
That was true when I was 50 and it's still true today. 

Today's young parents are raising children in an era that's different from the one in which we raised ours. They have to make decisions about so many things that were never on our radar. Internet anyone? I'm sure there are times we grandparents offer opinions unasked, and for that we are sorry.

It's just that we're your parents and occasionally still like to weigh in on your life. Partly because parenting is a habit, but mostly because the way you love your little people is the way we love you. And that will never change. 

My daughter is the best mother I know. I can look back over her life and see so clearly how God made her ready for this season of parenting little ones far from 'home'. 

There's no need to worry...

I know He's made me ready too. 


  1. I am such a worrier too; somehow I was hoping that might lessen as the kids got older and moved out of the house...

  2. My husband is a worrier, too. It is tough on him and everyone else at times.

  3. I was a full-time worrier when I met Joe some 38 years ago. He guided me out of that with humor, support, and his faith in God. I learned quickly to let God handle things and (as you know too) life works better when we do that. I have given up worrying by giving it all to God. But even I am 'concerned' about those kiddos of yours getting back to the states this summer. Prayers lifted!! xo

  4. Joyce,

    My late MIL was a worrier. Oh goodness, she worried me that she worried so and try as I may to try to soothe her anxieties she still fretted. I think some people are natural worriers even if they know God has it. I learned years ago that letting go so God can get on with it is the best thing I could do. Even if I can do anything to help along, His way is far superior to what I do. I can't imagine having a child on the other side of the world like you. Our middle daughter is in Maine. At times my concerns for her weigh on me but then I just turn over to God. He'll make sure everything turns out the way it's supposed to.

    Wile E. Coyote Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

  5. I don't think we ever stop worrying about our kids and yes, when they have kids or their own that brings a whole new dimension of worry. But it also brings such joy and love too.

  6. Your words are always so thought provoking and spot on! Worry has become a double edged sword for me. Thought it was over once my kids grew up then BAM 💥, along came grandbabies and a whole new level of worry with them.
    Let Go and Let God. I’m trying so hard Let God guide me into chill land! 🙏🏻

  7. We have been so trusting of Adam and Gabby with their care for James. My goodness, I had no idea the worry I would have over little James. So when their pool was done we decided to talk about our concerns. It didn't go over well yet when they remove the door alarms after the inspection we just couldn't help but say something.