Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Easter Weekend With Our Peeps

It seems like I'm always a little behind here every year at the start of these A-Z challenges. So much going on and I hate feeling like I'm playing catch up but I'm playing catch up. 

E is for Easter

Hubs and I spent Easter weekend with the newlyweds. Who live many miles away. It's a long drive, definitely do-able in a single day but not as enjoyable as breaking it up a little. We had to drop the dog off at the trainer's house Wednesday so decided to go ahead and get on the road with an overnight stop close to halfway in the town of Staunton Virginia. 

We've traveled up and down I-81 in our married life more than the average person. More than most long haul truckers I bet, because my family lived north and hubs family lived south, then we lived north and our kids lived south, now we live south and one of our daughters lives north so you get the idea.

The Shenandoah Valley which lies along this corridor is one of the most beautiful places in America. Besides all the natural beauty an enormous amount of our nation's history occurred right along the interstate. 

Except of course there was no interstate when Stonewall, Ulysses, and Robert E. roamed this valley.  

We've lived in both Richmond and Annapolis so have seen quite a bit of the Maryland/DC/Virginia sights, but we'd never visited New Market Battlefield. Since it lies just north of Staunton we planned a visit there for Thursday morning. 

It was cold. 
I might utter that phrase a few more times before the weekend is over. 

The museum here is so well done and it's always remarkable to walk where soldiers walked. After the battlefield and museum visit we had lunch at a little spot in New Market called Southern Kitchen, and it was so good. We miss NJ diners, but this place definitely had that feel. 

We were back in the car mid-afternoon to finish our drive to the Keystone State. I have family in the southern end of this state, but we were headed further north. State College for you Penn State fans. 

We live in Clemson country and I was wishing I had my bright orange fleece with the tiger paw on it to wear around town because a) it would have been fun and b) it was cold. I say that, but my son-in-law pretty much went without a coat the whole weekend so it's all in what you're used to. Here's how I looked all day Friday-

A married lady but still her Daddy's girl-

We arrived just in time for dinner Thursday evening. Just to give you a heads up, it looks like all we did was eat and drink but I promise it was not. It does seem that's what I photographed though. 

Hubs and his son-in-law are kindred spirits when it comes to the grill, and my son-in-law grilled us some of his famous oysters to start. They were delish. Daughter2 made a lovely charcuterie board and we relaxed and caught up Thursday evening. 

Friday we did the touristy thing because hey, technically we're tourists. We got to see Daughter2's school (5 minutes from her house so whoohoo!) then we drove into downtown to see the campus the town is essentially built around. 


We did a bit of walking, masked because it's the town law here...


...and we stood next to the lion but you should know we were saying Go Tigers! the whole time. 


We had lunch at a well known eatery then made a stop at the Arboretum for a walk around the grounds. 

It's a lovely space and while many plants and shrubs are still sleeping it will be beautiful in another month. Still a great place for a walk and we really enjoyed that. I for sure was congratulating myself for remembering to pack a hat, scarf, and gloves amen. 


On Saturday we headed out to see the countryside with a couple of local wineries as scheduled breaks

But first, lunch at a brewery. The landscape here is gorgeous, lots of green grassy farmland, and not a lot of traffic unless you're down by the uni. 

We had booked a tasting at Mount Nittany Winery, nestled on a lovely piece of property with seating beside the pond. It was a beautiful sunny day, but when the wind blew brrr. 

Please note me in my winter jacket and son-in-law in his shirtsleeves. 

We ended the afternoon with one more tasting, a 'wine and peep' pairing at University Wine Company. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea because let's be honest...I was mostly here for the peeps. 


I recommend the hot tamale. 


We woke up to the cutest little Easter baskets on Sunday morning, courtesy of Daughter2. We did not attend church in person Easter morning because the church they've been going to is not in person currently. Interesting how different things are in different parts of the country. 


The night before Easter the men prepped and started a brisket on the smoker so while it was doing it's thing we took the dogs for a walk in a nearby park. 


The Pennsylvania Military Park in nearby Boalsburg PA, and did I mention it was an absolutely gorgeous day? I finally was down to just a fleece, but we saw a couple of people in shorts and t-shirts. I'm telling you your blood gets thinner when you leave the snowy north for the sunny southland. 


There's a military museum here but it was closed, so we just wandered the grounds on this most beautiful of Easters. 

Lunch/dinner was fabulous and the brisket a success-

The best part of my day-weekend-life was sitting beside my girl in the sunny sunshine of her own back yard, grateful for the wife she has become, feeling happy I taught her to cook-ha!...


...and soaking up every ounce of joy a grown up daughter brings. 


  1. You two look like twins in that last photo! Mini-me for sure, Joyce! Great photos!! One of my other blogging friends lives in State College! I have met her and her hubby in person when they visited their daughter here in central Florida. I'm with you on the thin blood! We always know who the snowbirds are here... they are in shorts and we are bundled up! It's truth. I am so glad you had such a good visit with your D2 and her hubby! Thanks for sharing it with us! xo

  2. That food does all look so good! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend. It was COLD here too until mid-day on Sunday and then the nice weather arrived and so far has been staying. It's still only in the hig 50's/low 60's but I managed to wear my flip flops all day outside yesterday so I'm happy with that (even if I did have to wear my jacket!). It definitely seems the south in general is much more lax when it comes to all the restrictions as we still have lots of them in place too. We were in RI yesterday and had to wear our masks outside while in the local park even though we weren't really all that close to anyone. Thankfully I keep some in my car because I hadn't thought of bringing any with us.

  3. What wonderful weekend with your daughter and son-in-law. The food looks delicious and such beautiful country!!

  4. This tour of your Easter weekend is beautiful. I enjoyed it so much. It was refreshing to see the countryside and to remember the years I lived in that part of the country.

    Daughter 2 and her hubby make such a great couple. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Looks like a fantastic time! I am digging the charcuterie and that brewery looks cool too. I love going to breweries.

  6. I agree with Terri D - she is definitely your mini-me!! Sounds like y'all had a wonderful weekend!

  7. Joyce,

    We've traveled I-81 quite a bit. My parents are still living so we still head that way but haven't been back seen them since Nov. 2019 just before everything hit. I remember how cold Easter could be in southern West Virginia/south western Virginia. There were many Easters in which I had a jacket on while the kids hunt eggs. It never seemed to phase them, though. It looks like y'all had a good time. Thanks for sharing!

    If you haven’t already, I invite you to check out my Looney Tunes Art Sketch of Elmer Fudd! Happy A2Zing, my friends!

  8. Now that was a great trip! (other than the cold weather) The places you visited, the food you ate and of course being with the newlyweds. I want some brisket!!!

  9. What a lovely break and great to catch up with the newly weds.

  10. We had the best time! We're still full from all the yummy food!

  11. Great pictures! I feel like we got to go along with you.

    In 2004 our family spent some time on the east coast going through some of the battlefields: Valley Forge, Antietam, Gettysburg... I recognized that zigzag fence right away! Now our youngest daughter lives in Philadelphia, just a few minutes from Washington Crossing. It is beautiful country!

  12. We traveled 81 to spend Easter with our daughter. My least favorite part of the trip is driving through Pennsylvania! They moved into their new home last summer and our 11 hour drive was cut by a couple of hours. We do it in one day because when we are on our way there we just want to get there! There are two little boys there who we just can't wait to see! Glad you got to spend time with your girl!

  13. I enjoyed your post Joyce, and I had to chuckle about the winter coat on you and just in a long sleeve with your son in law. I live in Northern Wisconsin, and it is so true how 45 can feel warm to us after having negative temps for weeks. ;-)

    I enjoyed your photos and always enjoy your writing. Carla

  14. Didn’t realize your Daughter was living in PA. We both have daughters who live there now!