Monday, April 19, 2021

His Favorite People Call Him Pawpaw

True to form here I'm running a wee bit behind in posting today's entry in the A-Z Blog Challenge. In my defense we were out of town this past weekend, and I did not blog. Or think about blogging. Or say the alphabet. 

Since the day is already half over and hubs and I literally pulled in the driveway an hour ago, unloaded the car, unpacked suitcases, sorted mail, started laundry, and figured out what in the world I could put together for tonite's dinner I'm keeping it simple and going with the obvious. 

P is for Pawpaw
Dear Grandboys,

You have the world's best pawpaw. He is super fun which I know you've already discovered. As you grow you'll learn that Pawpaw is someone who grabs you by the hand and pulls you into the fun, even when you're unsure as to whether or not something will actually be fun.  

It's almost always fun, and you can trust Nana on that. She speaks from experience.  

Pawpaw loves to show you things... his pinewood derby cars, the fish he caught, the snakeskin he found in the yard, baby birds in the birdhouse, his pocket knife, his compass, his many wristwatches, various and assorted trinkets which you love to inspect while asking a million trillion questions as to their origin and use. 

He juggles.

He will ask you every time he sees you 'What time is it?' and the correct response is always 'Football time in Tennessee...go Big Orange!!' said loudly and with gusto. We love our Tigers too, but PawPaw is a Tennessee boy at heart. 

He was an eagle scout and has the skills to prove making skills, campfire cooking skills, knot tying skills, map reading skills...and he loves to share these skills with you. 

Pawpaw is always up for a spontaneous road trip, a spontaneous boat ride, or a spontaneous walk in the woods. Actually, spontaneous fun in general. 

He makes people laugh. 

He's never met a stranger. 

He knows a lot of random facts about a lot of random topics including but not limited to military aircraft, snakes, automobiles, sharks, the Civil War, outer space, Belgian beer, and the stars overhead. He can name a tune in just one note, is our resident DJ, and dancer extraordinaire. 

Pawpaw has seen the world, or a fair amount of it anyway, and if you name a city he will tell you where to go for dinner. 

He's a water rat and is never happier than when he's in the water, on the water, or beside the water. He can hold his breath a ridiculously long time, pop up on a slalom ski like he's still fifteen, and dock a boat with only a little bit of shouting at the first mate. 

Nana can't wait until you boys replace her as first mate. 

Your pawpaw was born to be a girl dad, and pawpaw to mighty little men. You are the light of his life and he can't wait to teach you things, learn new things, and see new things with you. 

The very best thing about your Pawpaw is that he feels things deeply and loves completely. He shows you and he tells you. 

Tuck that love inside your heart, and when the world is cold let it warm you from the inside out. 


  1. What a beautiful post... Have a great week!

  2. Those two little boys are SO blessed!! Well done, Joyce. xo

  3. Aww what a lovely tribute to your Pawpaw

  4. Well this post made me cry. So sweet and precious. I hope James gets to know Mark because in all the years being with him I have never seen him more in love with anyone and always getting tears in his eyes. It's a beautiful thing to see.

  5. Joyce,

    Just perfect! I love the wonderful things you told your grand sons about their papaw and I know they'll know all of this to be truths. Our children called DH's dad Papaw. I picked out Poppy for our granddaughter to call him, but regardless of title a Papaw, a Poppy, a grandPa, ... the fella behind the name is usually a pretty darn special guy!

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