Thursday, February 16, 2012


I hosted a luncheon yesterday for my gourmet group. Each person prepared a dish and the theme was French food. Ooh-la-la everything was tres delicieux. There should be some accent marks in there somewhere but that particular task remains outside my current skill set. Ha-doesn't that sound so much better than saying I haven't got a clue?

Anyway lovely luncheon, lovely day.

Which reminds me...I need a trip to France.

There is a lot going on around here lately. I need to stop and smell the roses this weekend so while I will take some pictures for the photo challenge it's likely I won't post them until next week.

This is not breaking the rules.
And yes, Thursday is too the weekend.

Also, I have some things I want to write about and the words are not fitting with photo prompts like phone and button and drink. I'm going to step back, put words into sentences, and get a grip on all my swirly thoughts these next few days.

Before I do that though, I will post a picture for Day 16 of the February Photo Challenge. The prompt is-'something new'.

I had to get a new passport last fall. So sad. My previous passport was wonderfully worn and extra thick...a trip to the embassy in London to have extra pages added ensured I wouldn't have to replace it before its expiration date. It was chock a block full of visas, stamps, and memories. Flipping the pages in my passport makes me happy.

Life goes on.

My new passport arrived in the mail just before Thanksgiving and until last week it was blank. Who wants a blank passport?? Although I have yet to take a trip with this one I did have 'something new' added to it so that's a start.

Some countries require visas for entry.
My new passport now holds a visa to one such country.

I realize I'm doling out details bit by bit but there's still a few hoops to jump through before our trip happens. Rest assured I will be spilling out more words than you can handle once I get started.

It is not France.
Or England.

But there will be passport stamp(s) involved.
And I will be showing that visa to someone somewhere.


  1. Looking forward to the big reveal of where this trip is :)

  2. Hmmmm...can't wait to find out where y'all are going!

  3. Your going to keep us in suspense???

  4. Oh, you're teasing us! ;-) Cannot wait to see where you're going! (Still waiting to receive our passports ... I know, it's still too early to expect them, but I'm anxious to have them in our hot little hands ... will make the trip more "real".)

  5. Intrigue! Can't wait to find out where you're headed!

  6. Don't you know that "curiosity killed the cat"? LOL (Kathy)

  7. I hope you kept your old one ....I just got a new one too! I hope it is somewhere like Asia or exotic like that.

    1. Don't you have to turn in your old passport to get your new one?

      And I don't know if I can stand the suspense of where your trip will be. I'm living with enough suspense waiting for the last installment of 'Downton Abbey.' :-)

  8. Luncheon? French food? So nu? what did you all have?

  9. oh my! how exciting! {i've never owned a passport. sad, yes?} looking forward to reading about your new stamp. ;)

  10. I never have a clue on those accent marks either :( I really want to find out how to do them. You know one of the woman on my bowling team if French. I just love listening to her to talk, she has a very strong accent. I am so jealous that I'm not going with you regardless of where you are going. I would love to look through your old passport, you have had so many amazing trips.

  11. You're such a tease! How exciting. Is it Japan? or China?

    I'm going to France next month, so I'll take care of Paris for you. :)

  12. Oh, I would enjoy a trip to France . . . or anywhere!

  13. As much as you travel I do hope you keep a journal. There's no way you can remember all the happenings any other way. :o) I can't wait to hear where the next big trip is to.

    Always enjoy stopping by and sharing in your day.

  14. Hmm... are you moving again?? A girl has to wonder with your expatriating past, right? OK enough of that. I can't wait to hear where you'll be heading. Do write soon. :)

  15. I agree with Lea! What I do, when I travel, is I keep receipts, pictures, anything of importance and I'll dedicate one photo album or I will make a separate scrapbook for each "adventure". In both the albums and/or the scrapbooks, I keep a journal log on each page to jot down memories or oddities that would be easy to forget. It's a lot of fun! I can't wait to hear about your next journey, Joyce! Thanks so much for sharing!