Friday, February 24, 2012

These boots were made for walking

I really do want to be caught up on the February Photo Challenge but I just don't see that happening. Today's prompt is 'inside your bathroom cabinet' so here's a picture of my shoe.

You followed that logic, right?

'Shoe' was yesterday's prompt, which I missed, so in the crazy mixed up random that is my blog I decided to skip photographing the inside of my bathroom cabinet and am posting a picture for the shoe prompt instead. The inside of my cabinet feels way too personal, plus why would I ever want a picture of that?
Course you may be wondering why I'd ever want a picture of my shoe and the answer to that question is I wouldn't, but I did take one recently in anticipation of the shoe prompt so I'm running with it.

This shoe is never kept in my closet because it's almost always muddy. It was purchased (along with its mate of course) for one of my girlies many moons ago, just prior to a Young Life Service project trip. They spent most of the project week in Romania that year standing in water that looked something like this-
circa 2006

We threw their clothes away when they got home but hubs power washed the boots and I wear them for hiking. They also brought home a nasty cough, hearts overflowing, and a boatload of memories that all the power washing in the world cannot erase.

Every kid, Everywhere, For Eternity.

Not just a slogan.

In all our many travels while living abroad if you ask my girls what was their favorite trip they both immediately say Romania. It was hard, get-your-hands-dirty, kind of work.

It was Jesus loves the little children of the world.

It was life changing.
There's my boot!
On the foot of my daughter.
In Romania.
If only these boots could talk.


  1. What is your daughter doing in that hole?? :)

  2. Oh, I'm very familiar with Young LIfe and how wonderful that your girls had this privilege.

    Yes, those boots could tell some awesome tales I'm sure.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I always want to know every detail of babyGirl's trips and she only gives me tidbits...i'm with you on figuring out a way to get the shoes to talk ;)

  4. Do we want to know what your daughter was doing with her head in that hole? ;-)

  5. Love the way you handled that one! Well done. If shoes could talk????? My would say SLOW DOWN.

  6. Well, you know, these "challenges" are more like guidelines for inspiration, and it looks like the boot prompt really inspired you. Heck, it inspired me. Mission trips are so life changing whether they're next door or around the world.

  7. Love your boot story. Your girls have had so many wonderful life experiences. I wish I had that growing up. Hope your have a great weekend.

  8. Stopped by to check out your blog and say hello. I'm also participating in the A to Z challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing what you blog about in April.


  9. Those boots have seen a lot of action. Love the pictures! :O)

  10. Oh I loved this post and found it much more interesting than a medicine cabinet I'm sure. Speaking of which, my husband and I spent several hours today cleaning ours out, plus a drawer we also keep medicines in and throw out a huge amount that had expired. Praise God we are healthy and don't have to take a lot of medicines.

  11. I'm so glad you ran with it and shared your boot story. What a wonderful experience for daughter1 to have. I'm sure it was life changing.

    Am I to understand that now you wear those same boots? You have covered a lot of ground with hubs and Dixie in them. Her name is Dixie, isn't it? It's too late for me to remember and I need my bed. I just thought I'd stop by and read your latest.

    :-) Night, Joyce.

  12. This shoe post was much more delightful than your bathroom cabinet would have been :) (Kathy)