Sunday, February 5, 2012

Strike a Pose

One of the reasons I wanted to try the February photo challenge was so I'd have practice time with my new camera. Naturally I've put some rules in place for myself, one being that I want the pictures to have meaning. In other words, I don't want to take a picture just for the sake of taking a picture, but is that the point of a photo challenge? Or is the point to try to interpret the prompt in some sort of creative way?

How's that for a peek inside my head?

Today's prompt is- '10 am' and I have to say this was hard. I considered not taking a picture but the rules say take a picture a day and I always follow the rules so I took a picture.

At 10 am hubs and I were eating breakfast at our local diner. Here's what you see as you walk through the door-

No I did not have cake for breakfast.
Photographically speaking it is not a great picture.
Is that even a real word/phrase?

I took this picture with my old camera, the one that fits in my purse. It felt too awkward (even for me) to pull out my camera with the big lens. This photo was taken at approximately 10 am so it does meet the requirements of today's prompt, and I need to get back to the Superbowl now so there you have it.

Who watched the halftime show?
Who thinks Madonna has not so much as looked at a piece of cake in the last fifteen years?
We're about the same age.
Technically she's even a couple of years older than me.
Rest assured I have seen my share of cake.
Watching her cartwheel across the stage kinda makes me wish I hadn't.


  1. LOL - to Madonna! SHE is soooo tiny compared to her dancers. We were saying at the party she looks good cause she has a young boyfriend. :)

  2. "Photographically speaking"--I do believe you made up a phrase:) I have tried photo challenges before and they are more of a challenge for me to upload. I would've been walking into church at 10 a.m. Not sure I could've been stealthful ?? As for Madonna, when she appeared on stage, my nine-year-old said, "Man, she's OLD!"

  3. You are MUCH lovelier than Madonna.
    MUCH. :)

    1. I don't know, but 'photographically speaking' sounds very natural to me. And I don't remember seeing Madonna anywhere on Downton Abbey. ;-)

  4. I love looking at those desserts at diners! The Super Bowl was amazing and I am so happy my team won!!!

  5. Cake for breakfast? I've done that a time or two, or three. I liked the half time show, she kept her clothes on, I understood the words, I can't walk in shoes like that, much less dance. I watch the game for the adds and some of them were just wonderful!

  6. I loved her boots! Did you notice she almost fell once. I enjoyed her show, it was classy and entertaining. I did not like that one entertainer sticking up her middle finger. Did you catch that??

  7. I know Madonna and her gymnastic/dancing skills kill me....but she is Madonna that's a lot of pressure! Me I'll take the cake instead! Great 10 am shot! Happy Monday!

  8. I enjoyed the half time show. What I didn't like is my husband who had to say "who wants to see a 50 something year old!" I think she looks great so why does her age have to matter.
    Sorry I had to vent, this is what I have lived with forever!